Fantasy Baseball 2009: Mock Drafts

Okay, it’s February, and I’m about 2 months behind schedule. Not having to write about fantasy baseball every week is a two-edged sword - I’m not going to burn out, but I’m also a bit more removed from the game. To that end, I say we get prepared together by getting a weekly mock draft. I just signed up for an account over at, a site that I can’t recommend enough. It’s a free service, and well worth the small upgrade fee if you want full access. There are always mocks going on, they have expert drafts all the time for some good insight when you want it, and their tech support is fantastic.

So let’s get mocking, shall we? I’m available Sunday through Thursday nights. I think if we had a regular schedule, that would be awesome. Who’s in? Throw out the nights you’re available, and we’ll set a date.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to pass for now, as much as I’d like to be part. I’m about to go on a week-long vacation, starting Thursday, so I won’t be able to consider spending time on mocks till at least the 18th. But I’ll subscribe to this so I can keep abreast.

Munch and others - if Yahoo opens up their leagues before I’m back - rest assured that as soon as I’m back I’ll restart the regular league and invite the regulars, which I need to do since I was commissioner last year. If anyone else wants ot be commissioner this year, I’d be willing to turn it over.

When you come back, what nights are good? I don’t expect this to get started until at the earliest next week.

Mondays and Thursdays, generally.

Anyone else?

I don’t know if/when I’d be able to do a mock draft, but could I put my name on the standby list now, for any potential openings in the league?

Of course. I think what I’ll do is set up both Monday and Thursday night drafts, and people can sign up for slots as they choose, for as far into the future as they want. I think that means I’ll be locked into all of those drafts, but I think that if there’s at least one other person and I drop out, it should be fine. A few days before the draft I’ll make the league public to the community to fill any openings. We shouldn’t have any trouble having solid draft competition.

9pm EST good for everyone? That gives the west coasters time to get home after work. If there’s a desire, I can push it back to 10pm.