Fantasy Detectives?

I am reading Simon Green’s Nightside series. It is fluff, but I’m enjoying it. I have read Glen Cook’s Garrett series and enjoyed most of them. Another close kin is Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.

Any others that I’m missing?

Well if you like the Dresden Files you might be interested to know there is a possibility of a show in the works. And if you check out the tape books James Marsters aka Spike reads them. Because of this the hope is among fans of both worlds that James will play Dresden…

You could try the Anita Blake series by Laurell K Hamilton, that’s actually how I came across the Dresden books because it was touted if you like Anita you’ll like these… but I’d recommend the early books. She’s just gone nuts with the sex and stuff, the early books are great though. Anita is an Animator (raises the dead) and does some work on the side as a Vampire hunter (or general monster hunter) working with the police unit for the supernatural.

If you can come across them I kind of like Tanya Huff’s books about Victoria Nelson an ex-cop turned private detective who is friends with a vampire…

I can’t remember who writes them but Diana Tregard comes to mind, she’s a witch. I know I’ve read some short stories about her and that there are some novels but I haven’t found any for myself.

Oh here we go Diana Tregard is written by Mercedes Lackey and there is three books, Burning Water, Children of the Night and Jinx High. I actually own the second one but it’s packed off with all my others.

See my post in that “Literary detectives by locale” thread. All but the last in my list are “psychical detectives”. As such, they’re more weird-fiction oriented than pure fantasy, but may serve your purpose.

Note, however, that I don’t especially recommend the Jules de Grandin stories–there’s a lot of them and they were very popular when they were first written, but they’re not very good.

The Lord Darcy stories by Randall Garrett are very good.