Fantasy Football Advice - Week 3

Never bench your studs!

Never bench your studs!!

Never bench your studs!!!

Damn it. I HATE fantasy football.

Ugh, I’m sorry, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

If it makes you feel better, I lost by Chris Chambers’s 1 catch.

I got lucky on this one. I didn’t read any replies after my last post and, after listening to ESPN’s fantasy focus, stuck LDT in at the very last minute. After the weekend I had in real life, I guess I was owed one.

Denver Pinstripes 3-0, baby.

I have just been offered a deal: Braylon Edwards (his team) for Ryan Grant (my team).

Your collective thoughts? I have a feeling Grant might struggle all year with this hamstring thing, but if he turns back into a 100-yd a week stud and Derek Anderson can’t get the ball to Edwards or Edwards keeps dropping it, I’m going to axe myself in the neck.

So how did I do? I got Andre Johnson absolutely right, he was terrible. As well as I did there, I did that badly with Royal, who was worse. Driver was all right, and starting him over Moss probably didn’t cost you your game, though Moss ended up being the best of the bunch. Not terrible, I guess.

Did mediocre with the other question. Again Royal was the main culprit as he seems to have been forgotten in Denver.

Well, I won, but it was mostly because of Brees and Addai (finally!) I played Boldin, Driver and Johnson. You were correct about Johnson (who is now trade bait.) I should have stuck with my gut and played Moss, who at least got some points, but I over-analyzed it.

Brady Quinn might be under center for the Browns in two weeks. Do you really want to trade for a guy who’ll be getting the ball from a redshirt rookie?

Keep Grant. Now that we know Rodgers is going to keep defenses honest, he should do just fine. If you are going to trade him, you should get something better than Edwards- a high-ceiling guy who’s actually producing, rather than a high-ceiling guy who isn’t. Brandon Marshall, maybe?

Isn’t that a bit of an unrealistic expectation? Does Grant even have positive points this season?

He’s a running back. Running backs get hurt a lot; wideouts get hurt less. Running backs are impossible to replace; wideouts are easy to replace.

He’s only rushed for 166 yards so far, but he’s only had 40 carries. He’ll be fine.

Here is the NFL rushing list for last year. Of the top 30 (by yardage), 10 of them played in all 16 games- and remember, that list is going to skew heavily in favor of the guys that did play. 10 more played in 15+ games.

Now, here’s the receiving list (wideouts only). 18 of them played in all 16 games, and 6 more played in 15+.

A running back’s value is going to depend on the league rules. For example in the Yahoo league I play in, we start 2 RB’s and 3 WR’s each week. There are no flex positions. That means 50% more WR’s are needed. Good WR’s are at just as much a premium as a good RB. Overall I think I good multi-purpose RB is going to get you more points than a good WR. However, there just aren’t many backs that score a lot of points with both rushing and receiving.

I’m a Green Bay fan, so I pay pretty close attention to their players. Grant has been dinged up with a hammy so far this year. I think he’s off the injury report for the first time now. Still, that’s usually a lingering injury. He currently has 166 rushing yards, no receiving yards, no TDs, and one fumble lost. Grant wasn’t a huge receiving threat last year, but no yards this year has to be alarming. The fumble is also alarming since it was on the first play from scrimage in a huge game. Green Bay’s number two back, Brandon Jackson, has 93 rushing yards, 36 receiving yards, and a TD. He’s been productive, so he’s going to continue to take touches from Grant. Green Bay’s rushing offense is currently middle of the road, but that includes a big boost from the Lions game. On the flip side, I do expect Green Bay’s running game to improve as the season goes on, like it has for the past two years. Grant has more than what he has shown so far, but he is in more of a position where you would try to “buy low” right now.

Brandon Marshall is currently averaging 160 yards per game and 1 TD. He has only played two games. He is in a “sell high” (and buyer beware) position. With the way he and Cutler are jelling though, along with a solid number two in Royal, he should have good production all year. He might not continue at this pace, but he will have production. No way could I justify trading him for Grant right now (especially in a 3 WR league like mine) without there being a second solid player coming with Grant.

Getting back to the original question though, I think Grant will end up having a better season than Edwards and can’t see making that trade either.

I have Edwards on my fantasy team and I’m looking to shop him, too. He has been nothing but SUCK so far. I wouldn’t take that deal if it came with a million bucks.

OK, I would take it for a million bucks, but not a penny less!