Fantasy Football Advice - Week 3

This week I have one real decision. I need 3 of these 5 WRs:

Andre Johnson
Anquan Boldin
Santana Moss
Donald Driver
Eddie Royal

What say ye?

Johnson, Boldin, Royal

That’s the way I’m leaning, but Moss against the Cardinal secondary is tempting.

The Cardinals have actually allowed the fourth fewest points to WRs in the league, given standard fantasy scoring. Granted, they played against SF and Mia…

Boldin is the must start in the group, I’d think. Andre Johnson would be second for me, but Tennessee has allowed the fifth fewest points to WRs so far this season, so I don’t know. I might start him because the Texans have had more rest due to their impromptu bye, and don’t forget what a devastating hurricane can do to inspire great performances.

Royal plays against the porous pass defense of the Saints, so he goes on my list. Brandon Marshall will continue to take away targets from Royal, but he might catch 5-7 and possibly a touchdown.

Driver goes against the Cowboys. This figures to be a shoot out, although not as much of one as the Dal-Phi game of last week. Jennings might attract the most attention from Dallas, leaving Driver clear for a few more receptions. Dallas is probably going to go ahead early, meaning more passing for Green Bay.

**Boldin, Driver, Royal **are my choices. I think Schaub won’t stay upright enough to get the ball to Johnson, and Moss isn’t quite consistent enough to start yet, especially against a possibly good pass defense in Arizona.

Hmmm. Good thoughts, thanks.

Alright…I need some help.

QB - Warner, Favre, Garrard
RB - McFadden, Bush, Barber, Lynch
WR - Colston, Galloway, Cotchery, Houshmanzadeh
TE - Scheffler, Clark
K - Reed
DEF - Buffalo

I only have 2 healthy WRs and Isaac Bruce is a FA and I would really like to start him. Who do I drop? Garrard? I really bought into the Jags at the beginning of the year but with the injuries on the offensive line, do I jump off the bandwagon this early?

I am desperately trying to trade one of my 2 TEs but I haven’t found a buyer yet.

Garrard has the least value, IMO. Favre and Warner should be enough at QB if you only play 1 per week.


I’d go with

Andre Johnson
Anquan Boldin
Donald Driver

Stick with your best players. Don’t worry so much about two weeks of performance. It is a tiny sample size.


I’d drop Warner, but I wouldn’t start Bruce over any of your WR listed who aren’t currently hurt.

For this week, Galloway and Colston are out and we have 3 WR slots so I have to plug someone in there. Well…I don’t have to but I really don’t want to take the zero.

Here’s mine:

I must choose five of the following six players:

Edgerrin James
Ryan Grant
Marshawn Lynch
Torry Holt
Eddie Royal
Greg Jennings

I have to start at least two of the running backs and at least two of the receivers. Who would you leave out?

Nevermind what I said then. Didn’t realize Galloway was hurt.

2 RBs and 2 WRs and then one flex? Lynch is a must start against Oakland. There is no doubt about that. Between James and Grant, you might have some trouble. James has been below average so far, and it won’t be any better against Washington. Arizona and Washington will throw more in this game than people realize, James won’t see much work I think.

Grant is really tough. I have him in the Dope All Pro league, and I won’t be starting him. Hamstring issues are almost always something to avoid, and Grant was terrible last week. He’s got a decent backup in Jackson to split carries with for one more week while he gets fully healthy. I expect he gets about 15 touches total in a game where the offense will be through the air.

Holt hasn’t been good (none of the Rams have), but it isn’t like the Rams have faced easy competition yet. They will this week. The Seahawks defense is TERRIBLE so far. 34 points to Buffalo, and 33 to San Francisco? I expect Holt to get a TD or two this week. Start him.

I mentioned Royal earlier, I think he can be safely started, but don’t expect a ton from him. Jennings will likely end up with good stats, but I would guess that Driver would get the better of the two.

I would start Lynch, Grant (a coin flip between he and James, really. At least Grant has the chance to score, James won’t with Hightower around) and all three of the receivers. I expect more from Royal against the Saints than I do for James against the 'Skins.

Alrighty. I’m not too proud to ask for advice.

My flex spot choices:

Larry Johnson
Torry Holt
Eddie Royal
Antonio Gates
Greg Jennings
Braylon Edwards

Pick 4.

I’m thinking Braylon’s injury and suckitude he’s out of the lineup. I also think Jennings is a start.

That leaves L. Johnson, Holt, Royal or Gates for 2 spots. I’m thinking Gates is going to have a nice game on Monday night. Larry Johnson’s pathetic ypc and poor oline really scares me, but he is THE man on that team and has been raising hell about not getting enough chances. Holt lucked into a TD last week and hasn’t shown much, but the Hawks secondary hasn’t been good. And Eddie Royal just keeps scoring, but he’s a risk.

I’m thinking L. Johnson, Royal, Gates and Jennings. But I really don’t know.

Why on earth would you do this? In my league, Warner is the #5 quarterback! Sure, he’s injury-prone; but until that happens, he’s actually worth starting most weeks!

Yes, because Garrard wasn’t even a high scoring fantasy QB last year when the Jags were 12-4. They really have weak, weak WRs (as proven by their offseason free agent signing of Jerry Porter for $30 MILLION!).

Auuuughhhh… Tomlinson or Sproles? Sproles or Tomlinson?

<Ron Burgundy> This is hard! I am in a pickle. </Ron Burgundy>

If there is ever a time to watch the pre-game, this is it. If Tomlinson starts, I think you gotta go with him.

Argh…I’ve got those two and Thomas Jones. I’m up by 8 and can start one of those running backs and my opponent has Brett Favre. I’m definitely making the decision tonight at 8:15.

I’m also down by 7 in another league and have Cotchery. I’m feeling pretty good about that one.

I am down by 10 and have Favre, Sproles/Tomlinson, and Gates. He has Rivers, Leon Washington and David Harris. I think I can catch him if I start the right RB. Ugh

I might go Thomas Jones here. Whoever San Diego goes with will probably get a lot of points, but you don’t know who San Diego will go with. Brett Farve will probably get 10-15 points, assuming standard Yahoo! scoring, so you’d want the guy who’s very likely to get 7-12 points vs the guys who’re either going to get 1 point or 20 points.