Fantasy Football Week 7

I can play 3 WRS. Andre Johnson is a sure thing. I need 2 out of:

Santana Moss
Bernard Berrian
Eddie Royal

Moss has killed me 2 weeks in a row. I just picked Berrian up this week. Royal has been hurt, but should start.


I can play Shockey at TE or E. Graham at RB as my flex.

I don’t know what to make of Moss, but I sure as hell know what to make of his matchup: hay (while the sun shines). Cleveland’s secondary blows goats, despite all evidence to the contrary last week.

Berrian has looked really, really good lately, which means he’s a lock to suck this week. :wink: I think you have to start him, though.

Royal’s still a bit banged up, I think.

Don’t start Shockey. If you were ever going to start a TE over a running back, the TE would have to be Gates or Witten. Earnest scores a touchdown in every home game, and BJ Askew is back so he won’t have to play fullback again.

(that was awesome, speaking strictly as a fan- what other tailback could not only step in as a blocking back, but cream the guys he was blocking?)

Yeah, as a football fan, Graham’s performance was awesome. As a fantasy owner, it was… well, I sat him and he scored, and my 2 starters both left after 2 or 3 plays and got me zip.

As for Shockey, the Panthers have traditionally been vulnerable to physical tight ends. I just don’t know if he’s 100%. I could also play him instead of a 3rd WR but I think I have better options at WR.