NFL Week 3 Fantasy Football Discussion

I know it’s a bit early but I figured we could start it already.

What’s your hot WW pickups this week? In my league, I’m targeting:

Wide Receiver
Mark Clayton (STL)
Mike Sims-Walker (Jax)
Demetrius Thomas (Den)

Also, I’m thinking about picking up either:
Jason Snelling RB (Atl)
Mike Tolbert RB (SD)
after injury reports about their respective starting RB’s.

I dropped my backup TE (Heath Miller) and QB (Hasselbeck). I am aiming to get Rothlisberger ~week 4 or 5.

My questions:

  1. Which WR is the best choice? They all have bye weeks in week 9, and none of my current WR’s are week 9 byes. I’m leaning towards Clayton or Sims-Walker as Thomas has some bad matchups coming up. Kevin Walter is also available but his bye week conflicts with Calvin Johnson’s.

  2. My wife’s team needs help at RB. I already got Snelling for her, but the big question marks on her roster are Thomas Jones and Beanie Wells. I have talked her into keeping Beanie for another week, but she really wants to drop him. If he doesn’t play next week, she will drop him. Other options in her league include all the Browns and Bills RB’s. Should I keep Jones and Wells?

  3. I have both New Orleans and San Francisco defense. I was expecting to play SF the entire season because of their weak schedule, but right now it’s looking like I will have to go by-committee, as the two teams have nearly perfect matchup schedules. Should I keep 1 or 2?

  4. My wife’s team is in the same boat, but her two defenses are Dallas and New England. She wants to keep 2, but we need that bench spot if we have to keep Beanie Wells.

  5. I don’t know what is going on in KC, but my #2 RB is Jamaal Charles. Should I be worried about a repeat of Week 2? (Thomas Jones took nearly all the carries in the 2nd half.)

My well-known leanings notwithstanding, if you have the chance to take Pittsburgh’s defense this week do it. They are going to use Tampa Bay up. Avoid any receivers on Pittsburgh’s offense, though, because they don’t have a quarterback who can demonstrably get the ball to them. Mendenhall is a marginal pick as everybody is stacking the box against the run.

He’s available?!? How tiny is your league? Personally, I think he’s a huge bust this year - but he’s extremely talented, and was a lot of people’s WR2 or WR3 this year. Him being on the WW is weird.

Meh. Bye weeks are overrated - you should always try to strengthen your bench.

Wells’ situation sucks. But there are simply no worse situations than the RB clusterfucks in CLE and BUF. At worst, Wells becomes a change-of-pace back with 35-40% of the carries. I think that’s much better than trying to predict what will happen in Cleveland and Buffalo.

I love playing DEF matchups. Those are great teams to do so, but I haven’t looked at their schedules to see if they compliment each other. I wouldn’t drop either - but I would try to upgrade somewhere. No one really wants to invest in DEF, but they’re willing to do so at the expense of TE or WR (but only if the downgrade for them is not all that big - like going from Roddy White to Brandon Marshall, or more likely, something WR2-related like Jennings to Steve Smith (CAR)).

You don’t drop a potential RB1 to keep a bench DEF. Dallas is overrated, and NE has upside.

Yes - but you should also expect the last 6 weeks of 2009 to repeat at any given moment. I’m a Chefs fan, but Charles is the perfect flex option. Jones did take a lot of carries, but they needed a basher. Once the passing game gets clicking (it will - trust me), Charles will be utilized and do really well. He’s gonna have a high variability, so you should try to trade around that (i.e. go for dependability rather than upside elsewhere - or look to trade Charles for someone with stability but boringness (yes, that’s a thing)).

My backup WR’s are Nanee, Mike Wallace, and Dwayne Bowe. I’m pretty confident in Bowe and Nanee starting in my WR3 spot (luckily I have Addai putting up nice numbers in the flex,) but I can’t make myself drop Wallace until Ben gets back. Whoever is Pitt’s WR1 has great years (Plaxico, then Santonio) and Wallace should be a solid starter early in the bye cycle. If I have to, I’m probably dropping Bowe after week 6, or Nanee if they replace him as WR2 in SD. But then again, in week 6, all the suspended WR’s (Holmes, Vincent Jackson) will also be eligible to play.

All the other Pitt players/D are already taken except Ben.

I have Roethlisberger sitting on my bench, waiting. I had picked up Kolb as my 4-week starter slash backup. When he got hurt, I snagged Vick to start. Now it looks like the Eagles are going to split plays more or less evenly between Kolb and Vick. I’m considering dumping them both and getting someone who is less splashy, but will actually play all game.

Options include Orton, Garrard, Hasselbeck, Sanchez, Edwards, and Bradford. Thoughts?

Ugly QB decision for me. Derek Anderson vs the Raiders or Chad Henne against the Jets?

I’m leaning towards Henne since Revis will be out next week.

There’s a guy in my league who’s a big Kyle Orton fan, he’s undefeated so far. He played Vick in week 2. Of that group, I think Orton is the best. Bradford has lots of potential but I would wait a bit longer to see if he gets killed by a suspect o-line.

Wow that’s ugly. Nobody on the waiver wire? I would use Bradford in this situation, dump DA and keep Chad as the injury reserve, then dump him in week 5 to get Ben.

Bleah, I probably need to dump Reggie Bush. Possible replacements: Michael Bush, one of the Bills RB’s or one of the Cleveland RB’s. However, I don’t need another RB. My league plays a 2 RB + 3WR + Flex. My current RB’s are: Addai, MJD, and Jamaal Charles, so I could just roll with 2 RBs (none of their byes overlap) and put a WR or TE in the flex. My WR’s aren’t great, but I have waiver requests for Sims-Walker and Mark Clayton. Nearly all the TE’s are available too, like Moeaki, Keller, Marcedes, Heap, etc. etc.

My question: Should I get a 4th RB? Are my WR’s good enough for the flex? Should I think about a TE for the flex?

My current WR’s: CJ, Ochocinco, Bowe, Nanee.

Re: QB pickups: if Shaun Hill is available, he looks decent:

  1. The o-line has improved. They’re not great, but he’s at least on his feet for more than 3 seconds at a time.

  2. He’s got a great rapport with both Calvin Johnson and Jahvid Best.

  3. Since Detroit will be playing from behind most of the year, maybe his 330+ yard performance in week 2 will not be unusual.

I’d say if Orton isn’t available, Hill is a better choice than Bradford.

I’m thinking about making an offer to the Jahvid Best owner. If you were the Best owner, would you accept this deal or ask for more?:

Calvin Johnson and Joseph Addai

I wouldn’t trade Best for Megatron/Addai.

Wow that’s ugly. Nobody on the waiver wire? I would use Bradford in this situation, dump DA and keep Chad as the injury reserve, then dump him in week 5 to get Ben.

The only starter on the waiver wire is Ryan Fitzpatrick. I guess I’ll stick it out with the Anderson/Henne combo for another week and try to grab one of the backups that will probably be starting in a week or so. This is the 20 team SDMB big league, so very deep league.

The only starter on the waiver wire is Ryan Fitzpatrick. I guess I’ll stick it out with the Anderson/Henne combo for another week and try to grab one of the backups that will probably be starting in a week or so. This is the 20 team SDMB big league, so very deep league.

Hmm, in that case, I would go with Derek Anderson. The Jets threw the shutout on the Pats after Revis left the game, which tells you how good their defensive unit is as a whole. Oakland seems a bit stronger vs the run (good news for DA) and DA still has lots and lots of weapons. By sheer weight of his supporting cast, DA is a good bet to get something…unless the other team has a big pass rush which Oakland doesn’t.

Jesus, tell me about it. I’m the smart guy who thought that Brett Favre was ready for the season and I don’t have a backup. He’s playing Detroit this week, so all is not lost, but it’s been a rough two weeks. Things are bad when you are trying to talk yourself into Ryan Fitzpatrick.

FWIW, I agree with starting Henne. Derek Anderson is atrocious and evidently he and Fitzthulhu aren’t even on the same shelf, much less page. Henne at least knows to let the running game do some of the work and it’s not like Minny’s defense were a bunch of slouches and he did O.k.

Ok folks…

Wideout - Harvin, Santana Moss, Mike Sims Walker, Legedu Naanee, and Pierre Garcon.
Pick 2 of them.

I also have a flex position but Cadillac Williams has been somewhat productive for me there, so I might leave him as is. Hakeem Nicks is my other wideout, and he’s been good for me so far, ergo he stays.

What say you?

I don’t especially like any of the WR options, Garcon has the most upside, but he’s been having problems catching the ball, Harvin has the most talent, but his route running is not where it should be. Moss is past his prime and Sim-Walker has a weak QB.

Going on matchups, I’d go with Harvin vs. the Lions and Moss against the Rams.

Preaching to the choir, man. Preaching to the choir.

Oh, sweet! Kolb is out again and Vick is starting. Now I don’t have to decide…this week, anyway.

Vick might be starting for the foreseeable future, per Andy Reid.

I actually like Walker this week for several reasons. He’s playing at home where he usually plays well. He’s going up against a Redskin defense that allowed 497 yards last week (granted, it was to Schaub, but still). And, lastly, Walker is in a contract year this year.

With Harvin’s hip injury and migraines, he just can’t be trusted.

Moss and McNabb seem to have a lot of chemistry, so I do like him.

San Diego seems to have gone to a WR committee with Naanee and Floyd, so without a true #1 receiver, neither one can be trusted on a week to week basis.

Garcon had an 11 yard game last week with no TDs and a 43 yard game in week 1 with no TDs. Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are still the top dogs in Indy and it looks like Garcon and Collie are left with the scraps. They may have a breakout week here and there but you’ll never know which one, or which week it’ll happen, so they’re not worth the risk, barring an injury.

So, for me, I’d go with Walker and Moss.