Fantasy Football Sit/Start Thread, 2014

I don’t think we have one of these yet, and I’ve got a question I need help with:

Cam Newton vs. Detroit
Matt Ryan @ Cincinnati
Tony Romo @ Tennessee

Honestly, I think it’s really close between all three of them. They’re all roughly equally valuable in fantasy this year overall. Newton is just coming back from injury, but he’s also facing the weakest defense and is the only one playing at home. Ryan had a great Week 1, but @Cincy is a very tough matchup. Romo is sort of in between for those considerations; how good is Tennessee’s pass defense?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Oh, and while we’re at it, pick one:

Larry Fitzgerald @ NYG
Michael Crabtree vs. Chi
DeAndre Hopkins @ Oak
Jonathan Stewart vs. Det (DeAngelo Williams is hurt, may miss the game entirely, either way Stewart gets the start)
I’ve set myself up for a lot of hard roster decisions in my dynasty league this year.


I’m starting Crabtree on one of my teams…I think the one I run here. Yahoo says he should be fine this week.

I have a flex spot dilemma:

Brandin Cooks (NO WR) @ Cle
Matt Asiata (Min RB) @ NE (AP’s backup)
Dwayne Bowe (KC WR) @ Den

Cooks had a great 1st week, but NO has so many options, it seems like a hope and prayer that he’ll get enough touches.

Asiata should be good, if Min can move the ball at all. Plus there is another RB in the picture, they will most likely platoon it with AP out.

Bowe is the highest profile guy here, a clear #1 WR, but KC’s offense looked awful, Bowe stunk all last year, and against Denver who knows.

For Varlos, my gut says Newton and Crabtree. For Archer, cooks. He’s going to see a fair amount of coverage from Justin Gilbert who simply is wildly loss currently.

Asiata. Normally I’d say it depends on how much variance you want, but Asiata probably has the highest floor: you know he’s going to get 12-20 carries, whereas Bowe, for instance, could easily have 1 catch for 12 yards despite being the most established option.

If it’s a full PPR league you could consider Cooks.

Those were my first choices as well, but also largely based on gut. Having second thoughts. You know how sometimes at the poker table you’re weighing a call, or a raise, and all of a sudden you’re watching your hand push the chips forward? It’s kinda like that. I’m really close to putting Jonathan Stewart in at the flex.

DeAngelo is out, so it’s a medium floor/medium upside sort of thing. The fact that you’re a projected favorite does tend to lean me towards going with the higher floors, so Stewart is definitely a viable option. Lions aren’t too bad against the run though and there’s always a high risk of Newton getting the rushing TDs.

Palmer is out, so Fitz is risky, but the Giants are going to give up 100/1 on average to WR1s all year I think.

Asiata was a great call. That’s the way I was leaning, but you guys solidified it for me, and he came through while Bowe and Cooks both had very blah games. Thanks!!

I’d like to go back in time and post:

You can guess what choice I made :smack:

I picked Dwayne Allen over Gates, myself. :smack:

Peyton at Seattle or Cutler at Jets?

I could see why Peyton would make you nervous there, but probably it’s best not to out-think yourself. It could be different if we were talking about a somewhat better fantasy QB than Cutler, or if he was facing a worse defense (the Jets are probably a below average matchup).

You could start Cutler if you’re a big favorite this week and you just have to make sure you get something from QB; I feel like he has a higher floor this week.

St Louis defense vs the Cowboys
or Browns vs Baltimore?

I’m surprised Yahoo has St Louis projected at 2.4 points. Dallas is giving up the 4th most points to defenses. Whereas Cleveland it projects at 12.5 points, but Baltimore is only giving up 20 to defenses. So by the projected scores, it’s a slam dunk, but I’m not quite sure why the projections are that way. I do think Cleveland’s D might tee off against that den of scum, but that may be the homer in me.

Jordon Cameron (bal) vs… Rob Gronkowski (oak) and Cameron (hou) vs Larry Donnel, two separate leagues/decisions.

And oddly enough… Romo (st Louis) vs Ryan Fitzpatrick (NE).

And finally, pick 3:
Reggie Wayne, Andre Ellington, Stevan Ridley, Danny Woodhead, DeAndre Hopkins, Khirky Robinson

I noticed that too. Thought it was weird. I guess I’d take the Rams, as Dallas is a safer bet to hand you a couple turnovers.

Don’t know enough to say, but as a Giants fan Donnell actually looks pretty good, and Eli loves throwing him the ball. :shrug:


Wayne, Ellington, and … Hopkins?

On an unrelated note: man, those last-second roster checks on Sunday morning are really important. I’ve got 4 teams, and every week there’s at least one change that’s necessary from the night before. Kind of a pain in the ass since I frequently sleep way, way in on the weekend.

I see now that my opponent has put in both Denver Thomases at receiver, so I may decide after I see how I’m standing in the early games, as they will probably cancel out Manning if I play him to some degree.

Through three games, Jacksonville has given up the most fantasy points to opposing QBs, RBs, TEs, Ks, and DEFs. Only eighth most to WRs, though.

I don’t really have more to comment on this (other than that I’m starting all the Chargers on my roster), but I just find it kind of amazing.

I’m worried about AJ Green. Yeah, he had a week of rest. But his foot problems have been a real issue, and it seems likely that he’ll be on Revis Island all day. I’m up against the only 4-0 guy who has a projected 118 points. I feel like I can’t risk Green getting a goose egg. Trouble is, my only other WR not on a bye is Devin Hester. Waiver wire options include Dwayne Bowe, Brandon LaFell, or Mohammed Sanu, I guess. Bowe is the only one that really feel likely to top 10 points.