NFL Week 3 Fantasy Football Discussion

Garcon got a lot of passes his way the first two weeks, he just dropped most of them.

You know what else was “per Andy Reid?” That Kolb would be the starter when he got back. While that’s his prerogative to change his mind, you simply can’t go by anything that guy says.

And I also want to point out to the OP that you won’t be picking up Demetrius Thomas for at least a year. DeMARYius Thomas, though, yeah.

Cadillac is up against the Steelers. I would sit him this week. Harvin has disappeared along with Minnesota’s offense. There’s a chance that they could get healthy fast vs the Lions, but Detroit has Suh and Sims and Farve/Minn’s o-line hasn’t been doing so well against the rush. Sims-Walker’s Jags haven’t been clicking on offense…it looks like o-line-itis: 4 sacks, 4 ints, 71 rush yards, 3.0 rush average in Week 2.

Legedu (vs seattle) and Moss (vs st. louis) have the best matchups out of this group, but I would only put them in the flex or WR3. They will either get 1 TD on less than 4 catches or 8 catches without a TD. Garcon has Peyton, so he’s always a threat for 8/100/1. I like to say the waterboy might get 10 TD’s in Indy. :slight_smile: However, it’s a bad matchup in Denver. You could say that Garcon could see more action if Champ Bailey covers Wayne, but you could also say that he might end up getting doubled and Collie will get all the looks. I’d pick 2 of these three above. Moss, Garcon, and Legedu would be in my order of preference.

The good news, however, is that there are a ton of good options on the WW this week. Demeriyous Thomas had like 12 targets last week from Orton and he’s the WR1. Mark Clayton is averaging like 18 points a week in my scoring format (PPR). Mike Tolbert (sdg) and Jason Snelling (Atl) had hot weeks last week. I’m much higher on Tolbert because he’s more likely to become RB1 if Ryan Matthews is ineffective. Even when Matthews was injured last week, they didn’t increase Sproles’ touches. He’s also expected to be the red zone back. Snelling is now the solid RB2 because of Norwood’s injury, but he’s not going to displace Turner unless something catastrophic happens.

Interesting. The plus side of Harvin is he’ll get me some return yards, but I agree he looks disappointing so far. I had such high hopes too.

Clayton and Thomas have been already taken in my league, so they’re out. Any thoughts about Mario Manningham, who’s currently sitting on my waiver wire, as a flex option. He’s up against Tennessee. Dunno how good their pass coverage is right now.

Foreseeable future in this case might be two weeks. Even Reid isn’t that dumb to sit Vick after he made such a big production of naming him the starter. Had a press conference and everything. He’ll ride out the string for awhile, I’d say.

~5 targets in week 1, 7 in week 2.

Pass defense is kind of irrelevant when you’re talking about the 3rd and 4th options or TE’s. Champ Bailey, for example, will never cover the TE. Tenn has been lights out the first 2 weeks on defense giving up 140 yards passing and 21 yards, respectively, although against very weak offenses. Watching the game, it looks like Tenn has a decent pass rush (4 sacks in week 2) which does increase the chances for the TE and WR3/4. However, this will probably also mean that the RB’s will be the the #1 option on the run or the screen.

The good news, however, is that Eli is probably looking for a little payback after last week, and Bradshaw will probably be the only RB to dress after Jacobs’ helmet incident.

He sounds decent. However, your league looks very deep. If you want manningham, it’s tough to say who you can drop to get him.

I went back and checked the video and yep, it looks like they’re each getting 5-6 targets per game. :frowning:

Good thing I didn’t waste my waiver on him.

But, at least this is great news if Floyd gets hurt.

Well I’m rocking Todd Heap as backup TE, plus Kevin Kolb and Josh Freeman as backup QB’s. Dunno what I should do with Kolb yet. Peyton Manning’s my starter so its not like I’m gonna be rotating QB’s aside from his bye week.

Kolb might be the victim here, methinks.

  1. Play 2 or 3:
    MJD (vs philly), Jamaal Charles (vs SF), Addai (vs denver), Mike Tolbert (vs Sea.)

I really want to play Tolbert at seattle, however, as I’m looking at the tape, the best player to sit out of these 4 would be MJD.

  1. Keep or drop: San Fran D. I also have New Orleans D, and Titans D is also available. I drafted SF D high, but they aren’t performing up to their level. They have some easy games coming up though: 2X St.L, Sea, 2X Arizona, Carolina, Oakland, etc. That’s the main reason I drafted them. However, they aren’t performing. New Orleans, NE, and the Titans are scoring much higher in my league.

Yep that sounds like a done deal. Even if Kolb becomes a starter again, nobody else in your league will touch him. I got Aaron Rodgers and he’s going to be starting every single week unless his arm falls off. I picked up Ben last night mainly as trade bait.

Note to SDMB’ers: Sell Jahvid Best by next week. Kevin Smith is still on the team, but injured. When he comes back, the word on the street is that they will platoon with Best in the “change of pace” role. Of course, Kevin could get injured again, but if you can get a great deal, take it asap.

Blaarrgh. SD put 8-9 men in the box to stop MJD last week. :frowning: I have a feeling MJD will be seeing that all season unless the passing game improves.

A guy who was on the roster bubble 3 weeks ago is going to take away significant touches from the best rookie RB in the league? I can see Smith getting a few touches but surely the Lions see Best is clearly the better runner.

I think you’re watching the wrong tape. You don’t sit MJD. Sorry - it’s a repeat of last week’s “don’t sit your studs”, but…don’t sit your studs.

The word on the street is terribly misinformed. Kevin Smith isn’t a fulltime back anymore.

Ok, a little test: I’m going to sit Jamaal at SF for Tolbert. According to Yahoo, jamaal is a stud too (on the can’t cut list) but SF has been brutal vs the run. Philly (vs MJD) has been surprisingly weak vs the run.

Hehe, the denver fan in my league is sniffing around demaryius. :slight_smile: I’m trying to get him to give up Jahvid. :smiley:

A note on Philly’s run D…Stew Bradley is supposedly back from his concussion this week, so the run D up the middle should be much improved compared to the last week and a half. Theoretically.

Need input: I currently have Greg Jennings, Roddy White, Eddie Royal, Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Jeremy Maclin. I am short at other positions and need to drop one or two receivers to add depth at the other positions? Any ideas?

Wow…nice set of receivers. Definitely keep White. I would probably keep Jennings. Drop Hester. Royal, Knox, and Maclin are kind of a tossup. I like Maclin, because I’m a Eagles fan, but who knows what their offense is gonna look like now that Vick is QB. Knox is playing with a better QB and is more a primary weapon than Royal (I think), so if I had to choose between the two I would keep Knox.

I’m not necessarily in tune with all of the games out there, so someone else might have a better feel of it than I do.

Former Ryan Grant owner here. Who should i start, Ronnie Brown or Darren McFadden? My other back is Arian Foster.

bonus question, pick three; Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, Pierre garcon, Santant Moss, Hakeem Nicks.

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Keep White and Jennings. Eddie Royal is your next best wr (the Broncos throw a ton and so far Royal has been the best option). the other three are a toss up, though I like Maclin slightly better then the other two. Can you trade with someone insted of dropping?