Fantasy football help, again...

Stephen Davis vs. Tennessee
Travis Henry vs Washington
William Green vs SD

Starting two. I’m thinking Henry and Green. Tennessee has the best run defense of the bunch and Davis may lose a few carries this week to Foster with his arm all bruised up. Henry is incredibly inconsistent but is the huge TD threat. Green is playing like he did at the end of last season and SD’s defense is AWFUL.

I’d probably go with Davis and Green unless Davis’ arm is broken. (It isn’t, is it?) Washington has a pretty solid defense and Buffalo has sucked the past three weeks.

Yeah, I’m with Shib…Davis and Green, unless Davis is out. Keep your eye on ESPN Sunday morning, and hit to get the last-second gametime decision.

I got 2 tough decisions to make.

McNair @ CAR or Ramsey @ BUF


Portis @ MIN or Lewis @ CIN


Idiotboy, we have the same two QBs plus C. Portis on my moneyleague team. Do you hate Mike Shanahan as much as I do? Unfortunately we don’t have Lewis as a backup. We’re definitely sticking with McNair, and I’d go with Portis since the Cincinnati defense is actually doing okay. But the RB decision is a closer call.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much learned to stick with McNair now. Ramsey’s been up and down since the first 3 games where he lit up the statsheets. I’m actually thinking of trading Ramsey, if I can get a stud WR for him. Right now, I have Koren Robinson & Driver. They’re fully capable of kicking serious butt…but haven’t really had any stellar performances yet.

But yeah, Shanahan really is pissing me off. I’m still a little leary of starting Portis now. He hasn’t performed well since his injury…hasn’t proven he’s 100% yet. So, I’m guessing Jamal will have at least 100 yds and a TD…hopefully!

I’d go with Lewis for sure on that one. He’s consistant, because they don’t have much choice but to give him the ball. What’s he avg., like 30 touches a game?

Yeah, at least. And I can see him busting out a big game like he did against another team from here in Ohio

Well, I had to go look it up.

Baltimore has had 5 games this year and Lewis has had 115 carries for 742 yards.

He’s avg. 23 carries for 92.8 yds. (6.5 yds. per carry) and one TD per game. He’s the league leader in yardage and close (8 is league leader) for TDs.

Not as many as I thought, but I guess when you break some of them for 20-30 or 40 yds, you probably won’t have quite as many.