Fantasy Football - please help

Can you help me? I need an opinion on a trade that was in my league? We are voting right now if it should be reversed or not, but there are several people who this either helps or hurts.

The trade was Santana Moss for Crockett, and Moulds.
The person who got Crockett has horrible RB’s (starting O. Gary)

Should this trade be reversed? I need unbiased opinions. Thanks.

Why would you reverse the trade? The only reason you should reverse it is if it was a deliberate attempt to rig a team, by sending some good players there during the stretch run for nothing. If that’s not the case, then you should vote to not reverse it.

However, either the person trading away Moss for essentially junk is either monumentally stupid or trying to rig his friend’s team because he’s out of it. Crockett is not a very big upgrade over Gary and Moulds is a huge downgrade from Moss.

I’d veto the trade if it’s going to have a significant impact.

That is the question…

the person who got Moss is in 1st place… and the person who got crockett/moulds needs 2 people to lose out to get in the playoffs…

If the person trading Moss had been riding him for the past few weeks, I’d vote to reverse it. If Moss had been a bench player (why?), then I’d let it go through, unless the other team has great WRs anyway (Harrison, Holt, etc…).

Sounds fishy. The person getting Moss probably doesn’t need him. Moss gan be shopped to other teams for better RBs, IMO. He’s giving up too much for very little in return. He can get a stud RB for Moss.