Fantasy Football Week 6

I got a trade offer the other day, I get Antonio Gates and Donald Driver, he gets Eli Manning. Eli Manning is my backup Quarterback behind Kurt Warner, and either Kyle Orton or Matt Hasselbeck are the best QB’s on waivers. Gates is a step up from Owen Daniels, but Driver would be competing with Eddie Royal for my third WR slot behind R. Moss and TO. What’s worse is when Colston comes back, Driver and Royal will only get to fight over bye weeks. Should I take it? And if I do, should I go for Orton or Hasselbeck?

Interesting situation to be in. My gut reaction is to make the trade because I think that you can never have enough WR depth. This is coming from the guy who got screwed from Colston, Galloway and Burleson in one league.

Can you try and flip either Driver or Royal for a backup QB like Jason Campbell? If not, I’d go with Hasselbeck. The D stinks and he’ll have Branch and Engram so I think he’ll put up some decent numbers down the stretch. Plus those games within the division should be very favourable to his fantasy numbers.

My question:

QB - Favre
WR - Driver, Moore, Edwards, Holmes
RB - Tomlinson, Slaton, McGahee, Jones-Drew, Parker, Jones
TE - Miller, Scheffler

Someone dropped Chad Johnson, should I throw a waiver claim at him? I need to keep Miller since Scheffler is going to be out this week. Probably going to drop Lance Moore, right?

Warner was talking retirement. He had a great game against Buffalo, but if he gets into another bad game, he’ll get pulled for Leinart.

Is Jones Thomas Jones, Felix Jones or Julius Jones? If it’s Thomas Jones, you might consider dropping him for Chad - though I guess it depends on how many of what slots you get to start. My league starts 3 WR and 2 RB, so from my view, you’re stacked at RB, but if you start 2 WR and 3 RB or if Jones is Julius or Felix then Moore would be the guy I’d drop

In a word… no.

You have a serviceable tight end- and one who’ll probably be in the top ten at the position by season’s end. Gates is normally a beast, but he’s just not producing right now.

I have the same QB situation you do, incidentally, and I am thrilled to bits with it and not making any moves QB-wise. The only guy I’d take over Warner right now is Drew Brees- Cutler and Rivers have been nice, but they’re both starting to come back to earth, once defensive coordinators realize neither team is able to run the ball.

As noted above, you really, really want a top-notch backup for Warner. I don’t think he’ll get benched unless he has 3-4 more bad games- the Cards are probably going to make the playoffs if they can just maintain the status quo- but he’s always an injury risk, plus this retirement talk is a bit worrisome. Normally, I’d snap up Hasselbeck in a heartbeat but the Seattle offense has fallen apart and it might take Branch and Engram all season to get fully healthy and back in sync. Orton is… well, he’s a Bears quarterback. Look at his receiving corps and ask yourself if you think they’re for real.

You can probably do fine at WR until Royal gets back just playing the waiver wire. #3/#4 wideouts are always available.

Yup. Start McGahee this week, by the way.

Yeah…it’s Thomas Jones and we start 3 WR and 2 RB.

QB question:
League 1: Brett Favre vs. Cincinnati or Eli Manning vs. Cleveland
League 2: Jay Cutler vs. Jacksonville or Eli Manning

I’m somewhat fortunate in one league to be holding both Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter. I hate having to be online 5 minutes before gametime, trying to find out who will play.

Cincinnati has been remarkably stout against the pass. Eli over Favre.

With Cutler, I’m not quite certain what to make of him yet. He seems to be playing at a Pro Bowl level, but it seems a little unlikely to me that he’ll keep this up forever more- see Grossman in the first half of the '06 season. I don’t think he’ll collapse the way Grossman did, but I’m not sold yet. I think Eli is the safe, “guaranteed 15 points” guy, and Cutler is the guy you start if you’re expecting to lose.

Here’s my dilemma this week. I need 5 of the following RBs and WRs (maximum 3 at either position.)

E. Graham
F. Taylor
L. McClain
D. McFadden

A. Boldin (out)
Andre Johnson
Santana Moss
Devery Henderson
Eddie Royal

I’m thinking of sitting Addai (I know, never bench your 1st rounder) because he’s only been OK and the Ravens are #1 against the run.

Graham is going against the Panthers, who have done a great job against some of the best RBs this year (LT, Forte, Petersen, Turner, LJ.)

McClain has a decent matchup and has been scoring consistently.

Taylor has a decent matchup but has been unproductive so far this season.

Johnson and Moss are definites.

Royal is a gametime decison.

Henderson is a flex option at best.

I can go Addai, McClain, Taylor, Johnson and Moss


McClain, Taylor, Johns, Moss and Henderson

(I have a hard time envisioning a W with McClain and Taylor as my 2 RBS…)

Ugh, I’m stuck at TE this week.

  1. Kellen Winslow. Will he play?
  2. Tony Scheffler OUT.
  3. Todd Heap.

With the Browns likely to get mauled on Monday night by the Giants and perhaps changing QBs if Anderson continues to struggle, I’m thinking Winslow may sit this out.

Heh it’s funny… if I were ranking Joneses, Thomas would be first of those three for me instead of the worst. And I’d drop Lance Moore before I’d drop any of those three, since Colston is coming back this week or next.

Normally I would say bench Addai, but he scores touchdowns even when he rushes for 20 yards. He’s one of the rare true “must-start” guys, IMHO.

Taylor gets to play the Broncos, who have been bad.

McClain gets to play the Colts, who have been even worse, at least against the run.

Start all three with Moss and Johnson.

I don’t think Winslow will play. Hold your nose and start Heap (and stop carrying three tight ends!)

I made a waiver move and dropped Devery Henderson and picked up Steve Breaston. Would you still play the three RBs, or play Breaston at home against the dinged up "Boys secondary?

Meh. He has been pretty productive this year, but he’s a second year receiver. I’d have to be really short on running backs before I’d start him over one.

Breaston = 16 pts.

Addai = 0 pts.

McClain = -1 pt.

Taylor = 1pt.


Just one of those weeks… Moss was crappy too. I’m still up by 12 (thanks you Brees and Johnson) but he still has Eli Manning and A. Gates.

Big mea culpa there, although nobody could have known Addai would have gotten hurt.

Big whoops here, too, although if the Ravens’ playcaller had, I don’t know, RUN THE BALL AGAINST THE WORST RUN DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE INSTEAD OF CHUCKING IT 40 TIMES WITH A ROOKIE QB, that might have been a smart choice. :smack: