Fantasy sports auction format

I’ve done 3 auctions so far this year, and I love it. I’m absolutely horrendous at it, but that’ll come with practice. You can target who you want, and it’s no one’s fault but your own if you don’t walk away with the players you wanted. However, I was wondering if there were another (maybe better) way to do it.

Instead of bidding on players, you bid on draft spots. The first pick comes up, and the auction begins. The winner pays…$55 and selects Adrian Peterson. The second pick comes up, and it goes on auction, sells for $60 - because someone had Chris Johnson valued higher than AP, and realizes that $60 is a good price. The draft continues like that until all rosters are filled.

Does it work?
Would you sign up for it?

It works, but doesn’t really sound that much different than a standard auction in which players nominate a player when it’s their turn. I would think that typically the prices would be rather linear, and bottom out pretty quickly. It becomes a bit more of a guessing game, somewhat removing the “you can have anybody you want, if you’re willing to pay” feature.

It also removes the fun and interesting strategy of nominating middling players you’re not very interested in in the hopes of getting someone to over-pay and become somewhat cash-strapped when the big name you really want comes up.

That said, there is no doubt that for fantasy purposes an auction is a more fun and more fair system, especially when paired with an inflationary keeper system.

Yours is an interesting proposal, but I’d have to run a few mock’s to see how it went before really committing to it. One thing that would be interesting to me is what happened at the middle to late rounds, when people are looking for sleepers. I would think those picks would go a bit higher than you might expect, because everyone is concerned that “their guy” would get snatched up at any moment, bidding every pick up.

I’m a bit confused about your hypothetical though. If drafter B thinks CJ is worth more than AP, and the bid for the first pick is at $55, why wouldn’t he bid $56 just to get CJ with that pick? Why would he risk letting someone else take him at $55 if he values him at $60?

Don’t think about that too much. I was just trying to think of a situation where two (or more) managers have two players left on the top tier - and one of them is drafted at a reasonable price. I would think the next auction price would rise as the remaining players scramble to get that pick.