far-sighted, two-headed geckos

I was playing Trivial Pursuit (genus 5) with some friends last night, and the question was asked (I’m not making this up):

Question: How many contact lenses would a far-sighted, two-headed gecko wear?

Answer: two

Will somone please explain this to me? I have absolutely no idea why the answer is two.

Well it would kinda make sense if it was near-sighted. Because their eyes are on the sides of their heads a gecko with two heads would basically have two eyes that could only see the other head. (I’m assuming both heads are growing from the shoulders and not one from the tail.) There wouldn’t be any need for those eyes to see distances so contact lenses would be superfluous for the two inner eyes.

Now for a far-sighted gecko, I really don’t know.

Of course there is a species called the knob-tailed gecko that kind of looks like it’s got a head on each end. Maybe something like that is actually called a two-headed gecko somewhere, meaning that the two-headed gecko only has one real head and the usual complement of eyes, hence only needing two lenses.


I don’t think they were refering to any particular kind of gecko. The questions seem to have gotten quite cryptic, and the writers have tried a little too hard to be clever.

I was thing that perhaps far-sighted folks only had to wear one contact, but a search showed that not to be the truth.

I’m leaning to this simply being a wrong answer.

Why would the gecko need 4? Maybe only one of it’s heads is far-sighted. Maybe its going by the bare minimum, i guess i could see with only one contact, but it wouldn’t be near as effective as two. What a weird question.

You can answer any number you want. I like the number 17 today, so I’ll say that every far-sighted, two-headed gecko on the planet has and needs exactly 17 contact lenses.

I’n’t the empty set fun?

And since when do lizards wear contact lenses?

I would like to point out that since lizards and snakes have clear scales over their eyes, which come off when they shed their skins, they could be said to be already wearing contacts!