Farewell to an Old Friend

I am saying farewell to an old and trusty friend, it has served me well for seven years, taking me to where I want to go and helping me do so many things. Other people have laughed at it and wondered why I kept it in my life when it was so obviously not worthy of my attentions, it had a battered body, with plenty of rust spots and it wasn’t the biggest or most attractive vehicle out there…but it had a heart that was bigger then it’s size and it was dependable…right up to the end. I even prolonged its life several times because I know it’s become a part of me, giving it a heart transplant a couple of years ago even though the procedure cost three times as much as the value of the vehicle.

I have done so many things in it, dreamt many dreams, travelled many miles for work and pleasure. I started new hobbies, met new friends using it’s powers and it’s abilities. I learned a lot about people by their reactions to the one I chose to have as part of my life, and I found it was an excellent barometer for detecting those people who are shallower and more materialistic then I am. They would turn up their noses at my faithful friend, not realizing that our bonds ran deep.

But alas sometimes one has to say goodbye to a faitful friend, the mechanical problems are becoming too severe and too common and it doesn’t run with the same verve it ran with before. I know that I will miss it, and it will live on in my heart. Part of it will also live on after it’s gone, I am transferring the old license plate to my new car, and if the new car is half as good as the old one I will be happy.

Farewell old friend, I’m gonna miss you.

Faithfully yours: Keith

:: sniff ::

Aw, shoot. Another dusty thread.

So long, old friend.

(on the plus side, you get the thrill of a new [to you, anyway] car!)

I respect your strength in letting your old friend go.

I couldn’t do it. I make her sit in the driveway and watch me drive my new love each day. I am cruel beyond words.


:silently wipes tear away while remembering her old beast:

You know they don’t make cars like the 1988 Chevy Celebrity Eurosport station wagon anymore. Damn that was a good car.

At least you got to say goodbye. My '84 Tercel was cruelly taken from me by a “just got insured the day before” driver three years ago.


Ah, my “old friend” is a Tercel, too. Except I still have it. 1996, and I’m less than 250 miles away from 100,000.

It’s going to be a solemn day when that girl goes.

I’ve seen typewriters with less character than my old '66 Impala. Tough day 'eh? Sorry. Some cars just reek of persona.

I said goodbye to my old old car (my very first one) at 169,000 miles… I loved that car - it was a pontiac 6000 - and it had always taken care of me. One time, I heard something pop on my way home from work - but I didn’t feel anything so I kept driving. Fourty-five minutes later - stoping at stoplights and stop signs - I made it home - only to get out of my car and hear (and watch) the air slowly but completely leave my tire. I’m convinced the car/tire just took care of me til it knew I was home safe.

Two cars later - I still miss that car. I feel your pain Odes

It seems that people often regret getting rid of their old cars. That’s why I plan to keep mine forever. I bought my first and only car when I was 16, in March 2000. It’s a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne Safari 8-passenger wagon. Most parts are pretty readily available, and it doesn’t seem to have a rusting problem like many '80s cars, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t last forever if I keep maintaining it.

I do most of the repairs and maintenance myself, so I save money and I have a good sense of the condition the car’s in. My brother and I joke that the factory secretly fitted it with an electromagnetic crash-avoidance system, after an incident in which I missed colliding with both a bus and a concrete barrier by mere millimeters. If it keeps that up, I won’t have to worry about losing it to crash damage!

If a guy can get 2,000,000 miles out of a 1966 Volvo , anything’s possible.

-Andrew L

Long may you run, Odieman’s friend.

I still miss my '71 Torino.

How about “Mr K will challenge the world” for my title?


Whoops…wrong board :blush: What I meant to post here was…

We’ve been through some things together
With trunks of memories still to come
We found things to do in stormy weather
Long may you run.

 Long may you run.  
 Long may you run. 
 Although these changes have come 
 With your chrome heart shining in the sun 
 Long may you run. 
  • Long May You Run* Neil Young