Fargo S1E7 [Open spoilers]

The conversation between Molly and the deaf dude was yet another nod to the movie. At the end of “Fargo”, Margie has pretty much the same conversation with Gaear Grimsrud in the prowler.

I agree on Billy Bob as an actor. His roles in “Sling Blade” and “Monster’s Ball” alone put him up there with some of the best. I also recommend “Ice Harvest”, “A Simple Plan”, and “The Man Who Wasn’t There”.

I loved the shootout in Fargo that we (mostly) only hear. We’ve all seen so many gun battles in so many movies and TV shows by now, that was a cool way to present it. And Malvo definitely must have supernatural powers to have come out of that without a scratch on him.

I didn’t recognize the shorter FBI guy, but the taller guy I recognized - he’s been on the new Whose Line Is It Anyway? several times. Very talented.

I hadn’t noticed “Erstwhile” before; I listened several times, and they definitely said “Precedently” last night. Odd word choice.

Yes. Part of the show is about Lester learning to be more self-reliant and cunning. Doesn’t make him any more admirable a person.

Boffing the widow was, for him, sweet revenge for the bully’s long mistreatment of him.

That was a great line, and I agree. And did anyone notice the similarity of the realty company’s logo to a recent political insignia?: http://blogs.nd.edu/journalism-and-american-democracy/files/2012/10/romney-250x250.jpg

I think it was “blumpkin”: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=blumpkin

And was this a continuity error? When Molly took the dry-erase board off the hospital wall, it had writing on it, but when she handed it to the deaf guy in bed, it was blank. Didn’t seem she had either the chance or means to clean it.

Interesting sound design/use of music both when Chaz’s standing there in his garage, realizing he’s been framed, and when Molly is just outside the police station at the end of the episode, appalled that Lester may be getting away with murder. Built to a very jarring crescendo both times.

I think he channeled his “Bad Santa” character and treated everyone like they were a snot nosed little kid. abracadabra - cold hard killer

Oh, God. GROSS!!! What is WRONG with the men who would want such a thing?!? And when the #*%@& will I learn NOT to google these kinds of words?


I don’t want to live in your reality, if having a kid bring a gun to school doesn’t warrant a search.

Fucking America.

Don’t look up “rotten banana” either. It was right below bemumpkin.

Those two are “Key and Peele”. They’ve been a duo for some time now. They were in Weird Al’s “White and Nerdy” video, and they were both on Mad TV back in the day.

They currently have a sketch show on Comedy Central called, “Key & Peele”. Do yourself a favor and check out some clips on YouTube, and then watch the show. Together, they are twice as hilarious as the one is on WLIIA.

As talented as they are, however, I agree with others that seeing those two took me out of the show. I kinda liked it on one hand, but on the other, it just didn’t fit the style of Fargo. Not quite.

Key is also in the new series Playing House on USA.

Let’s get out of the show for a moment. Kid bring a legally owned gun to school. It’s illegal to bring a gun to school, I’m not arguing that point. But what are the cops searching the house for? What are the hoping to find?

Not to get into a political argument, but it sounds like you just want the parents punished (by having their house torn apart) because you don’t like guns.

Again, what are they looking for when they search the house?

Investigation? yes. Search? not without good reason.

Not in Fucking America.

Right, I would expect an investigation. They could have had a cop go over to the house with a social worker or someone from the school to check that they have the guns locked up safely, and in the course of that maybe could have found the planted evidence. I don’t know if that’s exactly what would happen in the real world, but it would make more sense to me.

I think that’s what I said upthread. Suspend the kid, maybe send CPS over to the house, have the cops talk to the parents, whatever. But there’s no reason that the house should have been searched. Again, to people that think that was OK, in a normal (not in the show) what do you think the cops were looking for? If the kid had brought a bunch of little baggies of weed to school, I could understand. If he brought some kiddie porn and said he found it under his dad’s bed, that would make sense, but it was a gun and while dangerous and scary, it didn’t warrant a search of the house.

Of course, we do have a Chief of Police who gets riled up over little things, and doesn’t know how to deal with (or closes his eyes to) bigger things. This is a small town, and it’s been pretty clear that the cops haven’t had to deal with much of substance in the past. So, while a kid bringing a gun to school in Chicago would probably result in a phone call to the parents (at most), small towns are different. And the Chief has something here that he thinks he can deal with, so throw the book at 'em. (Maybe the lawyers can overturn it in court later, but that’s not what the Chief cares about. He wants to be seen as “handling” things.)

The other point is that it’s fantasy.

I totally understand that, in fact, in my small town the cops have been known to bend the laws a bit here and there as well. Without getting into too much detail, a good example is that I’ve personally seen people arrested for shoplifting when the accuser didn’t maintain eye contact on them the entire time they were in the store.

But Fargo seems to be a bit of an altered reality anyways. Also, does the chief issue a search warrant? Whenever I hear about them on TV shows you always hear the cop mention getting them from a judge.

You hear it on TV shows because that’s how, in most cases, it actually works in reality. The chief would not - could not lawfully - issue a search warrant: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution#Warrant

Don’t need a warrant in exigent circumstances, but that’s not the case here.

BBT and MF regardless, this was getting tiresome. These two sure aren’t involved for quirky scenes and recycled accents so thank goodness someone posted something we can work with - I was about to lose the will to watch.

Thank you.

The pattern in the show titles is interesting - although with some, it’s hard to connect the events in the show with what it’s referencing.

I enjoyed this episode. Although the searching of the house was a bit dramatic, I really don’t think it’s that outrageous in such a peaceful town - plus, with a young kid, everyone would assume something’s up with the household and he didn’t just bring the gun in by himself.

I was surprised, however, by how quickly Molly recovered. I mean, I know you can survive without a spleen, but would you really recover from a shot wound that quickly?

Is Wrench out of the game now? Despite everything those two did, I still feel kind of bad for him - he’s lost his best friend and translator, plus, as Molly said, he’s facing a long stay in prison.

And for all the cunning Lester may have shown when he framed Chaz, he made up for it with incredible amounts of stupidity with Hess’s wife. It’s not going to be a pretty scene when she finds out Hess stopped paying his premiums . . .

I suspect that what’s going to save Chaz and doom Lester is Malvo’s tape of phone confessions. He was listening to it in the opening scene of the pilot, and later he had added Lester’s phone call to the mix. I don’t know if Lorne still has the tape, or if he left it in Lester’s car, but at some point it’s coming into play.

Molly is of course preternaturally correct in her assessment of events (with the exception that she doesn’t know that Lester didn’t contract Malvo to kill Sam Hess), but while she does have a couple of spurious associations between Lester and Lorne, the circumstantial evidence against Chaz (whether obtained illegally or not) looks, for the moment, pretty solid. Her reaction to being told Lester is innocent suggests she is no longer concerned with concluding the case so much as she is with nailing Lester. Of course she is right, but she doesn’t know she is. All she knows is that the current turn of events trashes her preconceived assignment of blame and guilt. That’s bad police work, Molly…

He’s not thinking long-term. He’s feeling cocky and he felt like making her feel his cocky, too.