Farley Granger dies

Strangers on a Train star Farley Granger has died. He was 85.

Sad. He played one of the most attractive psychotic killers ever, both in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN and in ROPE.

So true. Though he wasn’t a psychotic killer in Strangers, was he? Just Rope.

I remember watching Rope and being so obsessed with it and thinking he was just so sexy. I mean, he wasn’t young when I watched it but well…he always will be on celluloid I guess. Time to fire up Rope again.

I remember him from his other film noir efforts, also.

In Strangers, Granger was the hero. It was Robert Walker who played Bruno (a terrific performance); Walker died just after Strangers was released (his son, Robert Walker, Jr., was notable in the Star Trek episode, “Charley X”).

Granger never became a major star, but worked consistently in TV into the 70s.

I saw him last week in something on TCM and started to wonder why he wasn’t a bigger star. He was very good-looking and his acting was fine.

We watched Strangers on a Train not too long ago, The wife really liked it. And I remember taking her to see Rope somewhere in Honolulu back when we were students. (Not when it first came out; I’m not THAT old.) RIP, Farley. :frowning:

Another “he was hot in Rope” comment.

I actually didn’t realize he was still alive- perhaps because I conflated him with Stewart Granger. I know the TV Archives people are doing really in depth interviews with a lot of TV legends; I hope that somebody somewhere is doing the same for actors of Granger’s stature (i.e. those who were never A-list but had long and diverse careers) because it would be a shame to lose their stories.

About 4-5 years ago I was at a American Cinematheque screening of Strangers on a Train.

Granger was there speaking - telling stories of working with Hitchcock. It was lot’s of fun to hear tales of Hollywood from the glory days.

Kasey Rogers/Laura Elliot spoke too, Robert Walker, Jr. was also in attendance.

More of old Hollywood gone…

Eighties, actually. He was a soap opera regular on shows like As The World Turns (that’s where I first knew him from).