Fart Tax blows away Budget Deficit

Just when you thought there was no more money to study silly topics, along comes an animal fart tax.

I’ll be upset when the taxing authority wants to put a meter on my bum, some nights after burritos and beer can be terrible.:eek:

They can have my farts when they pry them out of my cold dead ass.

Signature, anybody?

Studying sheep flatulaence might seem rather unnecessary to most people, but to be fair to the Noo Zillanders, it’s rather unpleasant when your sexual partner starts farting all over the place. Kinda ruins the romantic atmosphere.


I’m hoping that your partner doesn’t call you “BAAAH-by”

lieu should be along shortly to claim it.

With all due respect – (a) the issue is virtually dead in the water here and (b) it’s more about the burps of animals, rather than the farts. They’ve been talking about all this for months – and you guys only notice it now??

Anyway – ta for taking an interest in my country. :slight_smile:

We noticed because the wind shifted. :smiley:

Considering where you’re located – that didn’t come from us, 11811 :wink:

Dude, I’m wounded. :wink:

So animals burp and you want to tax them? Wouldn’t it be easier to give them all a bromo?

I have so little connection to farm animals anymore, what with the restraining order…:slight_smile:

Nah. Not enough substance for him.

And a real human tax would never pass. The beer lobby and Taco Bell would see to that.

It really pisses me off how the fucken farmers are bitching and griping about what amount to less than $1000 per farmer per year, typically less than 1% of annual turnover. Now thanks to their weenie protests, others are subsidising them. Fuck!

Sorry, been waiting for an opportunity to rant about it.

Please move along now. :confused: