Farts cleared from Swedish Bank


[george carlin]

It’s a fart free zone



But that’s cruel!

This is great. You can go in the bank, let loose a ripper, then blame it on a teller you don’t like so he’ll get fired :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean you won’t cash my check?

Did I mention I had burritos for lunch?

I asked for extra beans, too.


My goodness! Please excuse me.

See, this could be the problem. In Sweden, they don’t just eat burritos. They eat surströmming, which stinks enough going in… :eek:

I think though that TV2 might be exagerrating - to put it diplomatically - just to tease our dear brothers a little. That happens all the time, and hey, it’s been a slow month…

I originally read the thread title as Farts cleared a Swedish Bank.

This reminded me of the most disgusting fart it has ever been my displeasure to have been around. I was skiing with some freinds when while waiting in line at the lift one of my freinds lets one rip. Now my theory is that he had been having his own little flatulant marathon and had been saving these up in his ski suit until it could no longer contain the pressure. The straw that broke the Eiders back, so to speak. When this Death Cloud was unleashed, there was an audible moan amongst the bystanders. The entire line to the lift suddenly decided that they had more pressing business elsewhere. I saw quite a few people gagging and close to becoming physically ill.

Oh, those silly Swedes, they always crack me up.