Fascinating theory that cooking "made us human"

It’s both a book and a BBC documentary, and for anthropology geeks it’s fascinating. For anthropology geeks who are also on some level food geeks, it’s a damn bonanza of fascination.

The fundamental idea is simple: cooking is an enormous advance because it makes far more calories available to the body, and having boatloads more calories available so easily leads to a number of changes that end with homo sapiens ruling the planet.

It’s also an interesting answer to raw food fans that amounts to: yeah, not so much.

This is not exactly a new or revolutionary idea.

The documentary looks interesting and worth a watch. Love BBC documentaries in general.

I’m only seeing a link for a 15 minute clip - is there a link to the entire documentary?

Here you go. The first of 4 (the rest are on the right).

Then it’s very likely you won’t find the book or documentary fascinating. I recommend you skip them.

Yep! Loves me some BBC Docs. X10 if it features Sir David. Indeed…

In the first part they talk about the experiment that was done awhile back that I heard about someplace else, where volunteers ate like apes: only fresh, raw fruits and vegetables for all their calories. The results are interesting, not least the rampant jaw pain from all the damn chewing!

Talk of the Nation “Science Friday” had him on back in 2009.