Fashion, Baybay, yeah!

So these puffer coats are selling out. I would kindly ask the gang here to report when they actually see one. Dennis

The white ones make the wearers look like giant maggots.

On the one hand, those look disturbingly like larvae.

On the other hand? Heckin’ warm.

Well, they’re, um, interesting…

Looks like some kind of Sci-fi Bondage nun.

If I ever want to cosplay a Dalek, I know just what to get.

What all the fashion-forward Daleks will be wearing this winter.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Deep down inside, fashion designers really hate women.

I would wear one in a heartbeat if I needed something that warm.

I’d get one for my wife, but would be afraid she’d be constantly hit on by the Michelin Man…

I’d sleep in one. No blankies needed.

I see from the prior responses that I’m too late to make an original “Michelin Dalek” joke.

Meh, never stopped me before:


With global warming who needs that much coat?

Thankfully I live in south Texas, so the possibility of ever seeing one is remote, and I will be spared the embarrassment of falling to the ground while laughing hysterically.

Jolifanto bambla ô falli bambla… Hugo Ball, is that you? Box is also wanted for questioning.

Just the thing to wear while sitting in a cafe, smoking gauloises, sipping cappuccino, and discussing existentialism.

I very recently received a box in the mail, that used something quite similar, as packing material.