Fashion opinions needed, please

You mentioned a seder? Is your S.O. Jewish? Will the wedding take place in a synagogue? If so, I’d worry much less about the pantyhose than about the bare arms. Especially if it’s a Conservative or Orthodox synagogue, I’d say take a jacket or shawl or something to wear in the synagogue to cover your arms and shoulders. I can’t imagine anyone caring about the pantyhose with a long dress, but then my family is more laid-back than that.

Here in Dallas, I don’t see a lot of pantyhose these days. Too hot, too many cute sandals, etc.

I’d forget the hose and be yourself. Get those strappy red sandals, and make sure to dance with SO’s father. :smiley:

Eva Luna, yes, he’s a Reform Jew, but non-practicing. But the wedding’s taking place in a non-religious setting (she’s marrying a lapsed Baptist). I would never have chosen a sleeveless dress if it were taking place in a synagogue, but since it’s going to take place in a park with a JP, I’m guessing (hoping?) that it doesn’t apply to this situation. Maybe I should bring a shawl just in case, though…more shopping! Yay!

Mishaa, last time I was in Houston during the spring I damn near suffocated. It’s too hot for any clothes, much less pantyhose underneath it.

Wow, I’m a chick and was completely unfamiliar with toe-less pantyhose until just now. Thanks, Nightingale!

Gundy, hey, yer a cutie! And yes, buy some cute open-toed shoes and go sans hose. And buy yourself a shawl! :slight_smile:

In general I’m pretty stuffy and here’s my take on it. If you choose sandals no hose. Those toe-less ones are a little freaky. The ones they call sandalfoot, well, aren’t. IF you wear regular pumps or other closed style though I have to vote for hose. As for the appropriateness of sandals at an afternoon wedding in a park, I don’t think even my grandmother would object to that.


I think that if you wear a black dress to a wedding in Houston, whether or not you’re wearing hose is going to be the least of your problems.

It is a gorgeous dress - does it, by any chance, come in navy?

Count another vote on high-heeled, strappy open toed sandals and no hose. (Make sure those legs are shaved, though :slight_smile: )

That open toed panty hose is just weird. I mean, why flipping bother? But I live in Florida, where you can’t wear panty house after February or before November if you want to be comfortable.

Since this is an outside event, I think you’d be fine without the pantyhose.


Hey, moi, thanks!

gwendee, I agree with your assessments the whole way.

amarinth, do you mean black because of the heat, or something else? I don’t know if it comes in navy because I bought it off of eBay, but I can give you the name of the seller if you want to find out. I was really pleased when I got it – it fits well and is surprisingly comfortable.

ivylass, I think the open toed panty hose is weird too. I know a couple of people that prefer to wear pantyhose whenever possible, though, because they like the way their legs look in them better than bare.

That settles it. I’m a-goin’ bare legged. Gotta go get a pedicure and find some shoes now! Thanks, all!

I would go with wearing no hose. However, I’m also considering wearing no hose with my dress to junior prom (granted, the dress is floor length, but still…)


if it makes you feel comfortable not to wear hose, then simply don’t wear them. Your dress is very pretty, as indeed are you and you are going as a family unit with your SO and your son.

It is the sister-in-law to be’s day: if your SO’s mother freaks out about what the guests are, or are not wearing, then quite frankly that just strikes me as being extremely shallow. She should be concentrating on her daughter having a great day - which I’m sure she is going to do.

If anything is said to your SO after the event about your attire, well then, he must simply say that you looked stunning, and that he couldn’t wait to get you home; let the matter rest. :wink:

Go have a wonderful time.

Gundy, You will be stunningly beautiful!
No hose,do take a thin shawl or stole which you can fling on a chair at the reception. I have expert testimony on all things proper(and especially Southern) that the tipping point for mandatory hosiery was four years ago. I have the down-sized friends from the hosiery biz to prove it. The black dress is P elegant!