Fashion Q: game show hosts ties

Granted: I live in Texas, and I’m not a slave to fashion.

Even so, have not only I but everyone I’ve run into missed out on an important fashion trend, one that is displayed by every primetime game show host I’ve seen?

Regis Philbin, Chuck Woolery, and (sorry) the guy that hosts the game show “21” all wear dark shirts with plain, dark colored, same color ties. I have seen Philbin at least two dozen times, and every single time he wears a black, dark gray, or very dark blue shirt, similar coat, and a solid-color tie that is usually the same color as the shirt.

Please let me know if the common folk are now sporting this attire; I want to be the first 'round here for a change (though I refuse to sport a mustache/goatee).

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i just feel a need to add that regis’ ties are ALWAYS shiny.

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I’d like to add that Regis’s yellow tie ranks among the ugliest garments I’ve ever seen.

I take ties pretty seriously…it’s about the only part of men’s fashion where a guy can really express himself. And that yellow tie makes me gag.

I just wanted to add that my boyfriend and I refer to this particular look as “Casino wear,” after the similar fashion statement made by Robert De Niro’s character through much of that film. With the added bonus of '70s colors!

I saw Regis on Larry King and Larry asked that very question.

Regis said it was the way it was done in England and when they bought the show the fashion statement came with it…

It doesn’t answer the question if it is fashionable but, I think its a bit much!

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