Fashion question

I have a style and fashion question:

I saw a guy on the bus last night with a “playboy bunny ears” thing around his neck. Now what I want to know is it coming back in style??? :eek:

Please tell me it isn’t so, that this guy was even more uncool than I am. I don’t think I could bear seeing those t-shirts around anymore…

Tacky, tacky, tacky…

To me, there’s just something smarmy about that little symbol. And very uncool. Ick!

I don’t know that there’s a factual answer to this question, so I’ll move the thread to IMHO.

Where do you live? Playboy bunny tees came “back” about a year and a half ago around New York and LA (Okay, I do have one, it’s an iron on from a 70s playboy mag- the bunny head is made up of naked people), but, with all the cheap rip-offs by chain stores with oddly-shaped bunny ears and “Playgirl” in rhinestones, they are pretty much taking their last breaths in fad history (for now).