Fast Food, and Credit Cards

I grabbed a bite to eat at BK today, and noticed that they accept credit cards. I found it very odd to see credit accepted at a fast food restaurant. (I live in the Phoenix area) I don’t ever recall seeing plastic accepted in Michigan. So, do they accept cards in every state, and city? Or is this just an Arizona thing? What’s the deal?


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Carl’s Jr., here in California, has been accepting plastic for about 10 years now. I now see ATM/CC scanners in about half the fast food restaurants I frequent.

Off topic, but I notice the grocery store now has an option for debit OR credit OR benefits cards. I finally asked what “benefits” was – turns out it is like a food stamp card.

Food stamp recipient is credited with X dollars and it is debited from the card as it is used. No change in cash, no opportunity to sell the food stamps and it doesn’t pay for non-food-stamp items that were purchased. Seems pretty savvy to me.

Burger King has been accepting them here since at least 1990 as I recall, and I noticed yesterday that Boston Market accepted them as well. So does some little burrito joint around here. I can’t imagine using one though and holding up the lunch line to charge by $3.95 meal.

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A significant number of people think just like you do, Jophiel. And it’s thinking like that that may spur you to add to your order!
When I was in college I found myself in a “no cash” situation a lot. No cash means you’re no customer to that fast food place that’s open when the cafeteria isn’t.
These days a lot of students have access to Dads card…or may have a limited credit line card in their name that mails Dad the bills. That card turns someone who was no customer into a potential customer.
Those sneaky devils at the hamburger place are just covering the bets!

I used to work at Dunkin Donuts. Some of the stores were gas & convenience stores as well. Those stores accepted credit cards, of course, and we would accept credit cards for non-gasoline purchases as well. I’ve not seen any fast-food joints in my area that accept credit yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they showed up soon.

In the Florida Keys fast food have been taking credit cards since 1991, if not before.

The only fast food restaurant around here that allows credit cards is White Castle, which is known for their value meals. Not only can you get 10 burgers for about three bucks, but for every burger that goes down, you (and everyone around you) get 2 “bonus” hours of enjoyment.

Here in NW Ohio, BK is not accepting CC’s to my knowledge. Last I was in one, I didn’t see any of the scanners needed for CC’s or ATM cards.

Carl’s Jr. has accepted ATM cards for quite some time, but charges a fee to use one. ARCO gas stations started doing the same at about the same time. To my knowledge, CJ’s didn’t accept CC’s as recently as 2 years ago, so if they do now, that seems to be a change. It was too bad, too, cause a CC would make it certain you could afford the scrumdiddlyumptious Famous Star Combo with extra mayo and pickle…

Here in metro Atlanta, a local (or is it “loco”) Wendy’s tried out an ATM style card reader at their chechout.

Swipe away.

Q) Les benefits?


You and yours are h-u-n-g-ry.

You have limited money on your person.

But, you and yours are h-u-n-g-r-y.

As one major credit card company boasts …

“Unleash the possibilites …”

So, out comes the credit card and away you spend someone else’s money (or money that you do not have).

You end up with a food total (the bill) that is twice what you could have spent if you used the money on your person.

Terence in Marietta, GA

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Don’t be so cynical, Terence. I always use a credit card, b/c I get cash rewards for doing so. Discover is paying me $200 this year simply for using their card in lieu of cash. The trick is to pay the balance off every month. No interest, no annual fee, and money in my pocket. It’s a great system if you use it to your advantage.