Fat 60 year old man coaching gymnast

How can a fat 60 year old (communist) man coach winning gymnasts to win olympic gold medals? Wouldn’t a 24 year old female ex-gymnast be a better coach?

Logic would dictate that Nadia Cominice(sp?) could not benefit from the coaching of the old man who can’t do gymnastics himself.

First, AFAIK Bela Karoly (sp?) is not a Communist, and even if he were it would likely have no effect on his ability to coach gymnastics. If you feel like Communist-bashing, take it to GD or the Pit.

Second, Nadia has been retired from competetive gymnastics for quite some time, so her experiences with a younger Karoly may not be relevant.

Third, I believe Karoly was himself a competetive gymnast in his younger days.

Finally, someone who lacks the ability to do a particular thing may still be capable of explaining how to do the thing to another. In the case of gymnastics, a coach can certainly explain how the gymnast can improve, for example, body position to increase or decrease rotation, appear more aesthetically pleasing, etc. If one were to accept your logic, the only people who could coach sports teams or individual athletes would be chamions of the sport and simple observation shows that to be wrong.

Also, someone who is naturally good at something will generally be a horrible teacher.

Bela Karolyi bio

url=“http://premierespeakers.com/admin/dynamic/speaker.cfm?id=273”]He’ll talk to your group or association for $ 12,000

Slate article on him- Bela Karolyi - Can he save U.S. gymnastics again?

So being overweight and old makes him unqualified?

poppy cock. Did yu realize one of the best KIcking coaches in the NFL is a man in a wheelchair?

Lack of physical ability does not equal lack of knowledge on a subject.
An eye for detail, ability to explain and knowledge are needed most in a teaching/coaching situation.

Not necessarily. She would likely be a better gymnast, but that’s not the same as being a gymnastic coach.

What logic are you talking about? I don’t see where logic would in any way support your contention.

You seem to be totally ignorant of the difference between teaching/coaching and performing. You would do well to learn such things, and to learn some logic, before making pronouncements on what it logical.

Pete Sampras’ old coach sucked at tennis, but instructed him to the point of being the best in the game.

Yeah… and old guys like Larry Brown have no business coaching in the NBA, either.

And why would the Cowboys hire an old fat guy like Bill Parcells as coach?

And heck, that Butch Harmon guy never made a dime on the PGA tour. He couldn’t POSSIBLY be able to tell Tiger Woods anything useful.

I’m a gymnastics coach. I am an exgymnast, and while I am a trained, qualified coach, I do often think back to my training days when thinking of how to teach a skill, or how to improve one.

Additionally, I often have to “spot” a gymnast. Spotting can mean supporting the gymnast through a skill or being there if they fall. I have to have a certain amount of strength and quick reflexes to spot safety.

So, there are physical aspects, and definitely being an exgymnast is an advantage. But no, it doesn’t matter if a coach is 60 years old and fat.

To use an example close to home, my father was a cross-country and track coach for over 30 years, during which time his average weight was around 220lbs and he probably couldn’t have run half a lap without stopping to walk. Even so, his team (small public high school) routinely led the league, and he’s has runers go to the national championships several times.

Coaching a sport is a very different skill from doing the sport. It requires the ability to spot mistakes, develop training regimens, and teach strategy. A coach who can only demonstrate ‘how it should be done’ will be very limited in what s/he can actually teach.

My ex-neighbor was a martial arts teacher. He’s in a wheelchair.

Where’s the logic in that?

I bet he was a commie, too. Stinky commies.:wink:

Seattle Mariners pitching coach Bryan Price is one of the best at what he does,* despite having had a thoroughly mediocre professional career as a pitcher himself.

*Not that you could tell from the current season. Whoo doggies.

You’re on the display team now, you’re not ex anymore!

id like to rebute that. The man who used to coach Sampras from age 8-15ish was a good friend of my dads; and one hell of a tennis player in my opinon.

Teaching is a skill in its own right.