Fat Bald Guy is now FatBaldGuy

That’s right. Thanks to TubaDiva I’m not as spaced out as I once was.

No big change, and I’m still the same person. I might add that I’m still fat and I’m still bald. I’m also still a guy. It just makes it easier to do searches now, since the search engine doesn’t like 3 letter words .

Move along now. Nothing to see here.


Just goes to prove that being a member here helps you get yourself together better! :slight_smile:

Congrats, FBG!

If you ever have a thread explaining why you changed your name to FatBaldGirl i’ll be sure to reply to that one too.

Well, I’m glad Tuba has taken care of your spaced out problems.


You been working out? You look more compact.

Nothing wrong with saving space.

Wouldn’t that be saving spaces?

Actually, I gave them to my neighbor, so that we could go on Trading Spaces.

I have the same search problem, egg is too short, and good is too common. I can never find any of my old posts.

You look like you’ve really slimmed down, there… :wink:

Congrats! You can now travel coach. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of a studly guy nicknamed "big-Al’ who signed up as “bigal” with a chat room. Imagine his surprise when he started getting all kinds of responses - from other guys, looking to hook up with the “Bi-Gal”.

Sometimes spacing between words is kinda important.

In your case, however, the change certainly does make you look younger and slimmer.

They only allow one name change. So, any deep seated identity issues that crop up now will leave only a very unhappy fatbaldguywhosereallyagirl.

huh, really? I never knew that (well I’ve never changed my name). I thought the policy was “Don’t request a name change every week, or even every month, or just do it extremely rarely if at all.” or something like that, not specifically “just once”.