"Fat Darrell" named best sandwich.


Any NJ Dopers who happen to be on their way to my neck of the woods in the next hour or two, and feel like picking one up for me to have for lunch, send me an e-mail.

Likewise for anyone passing through Pittsburgh on there way here, can you pick me up a Primanti sandwich for dinner?

taking a cue from Tripler

–it’s OK, we have a portable defibrilator on site.

They’re called grease trucks, not food trucks, you silly AP article writer.

You know what’s messed up about that Maxim story, though? Primanti’s didn’t make it. Not only were they not listed, ANOTHER bar in Pittsburgh took 4th or 5th place with some strange-sounding kielbasa sandwich. I was flummoxed.

Dude, Primanti’s was in National Geographic! I wonder what they have against Maxim (or what Maxim has against them.)

Actually, in NJ, the proper term is “roach coach”. :stuck_out_tongue:

To me, this is the best part of the story.

Has there ever been a more tightly-packed nexus of the “American Dream”? (1) Hard-working (2) immigrant (3) takes great idea [sub]er, from someone else[/sub] involving (4) high-calorie food product and through (5) entrepreneurial spirit (6) starts his own business and (7) makes lots of money.

It’s like a presidential campaign commercial come to life! Or something.

THE HAMDOG Overview:

“Wednesday, our luck changed. We strolled into Mulligan’s where the resident owner/chef/bacon scientist, Jeff, changed our lives, and blood pressures, forever. The Hamdog consists of one hotdog, wrapped in cheese, rolled in ground beef, then deep-fried and topped with bacon, onions, chili, and, just to shave one more month off your life, a fried egg.”

from the Consumption Junction archives


Normally you would be correct. In this case the food service vendors on College Ave in New Brunswick are collectively known as the Grease Trucks.

Too bad Greasy Tony’s is long gone :frowning:

Jimmy the Acropolis (aka Gyro Truck behind Rutgers-Newark) used to sell Fat Darrells that would give folks the squats.

I was partial to the Fat Cat myself. I think that was the one that started it all, the original Fat sandwich. It was two hamburger patties on a sub roll, with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, ketchup, and french fries! Right in the sandwich!. I can’t imagine why it never caught on nationally. There was also the Fat Moon, the Fat Mom, the Fat Bitch, and a bunch of other Fats I can’t remember. Talk about horizontal brand extension.