Fat Hawk Down

Never dreamed that a bird could over eat to this extent. I’ve felt nearly that bad after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently the bird really couldn’t get up. The rescue folks captured it easily. The shocked look on that birds face cracks me up. I bet he’s thinking “WTF just happened?” :smiley:

Coots are pretty big birds for a single meal.

this will not end well

Maybe he swallowed an alka-seltzer tablet.

Anyone else think that was an owl? Sure has big eyes like an owl. Here’s a red tail hawk. I guess they look different laying on their backs.

Well now that you mention it, it does look owlish. But it also may just be the camera angle.

Galahs are very common, range across Australia but, unlike cockatoos and corellas, they are dumber than rocks. (Also are the least nutrious ingredient in any bushman’s recipie for Galah Pie)

During the summer cereal harvest they flock in their thousands to gorge on grain spilled along the side of roads and will do so to the point they can’t fly. Add the next semi-trailer with a load of wheat travelling @ 50mph and you get avarian carnage.

The same photographer, Steve Shinn, published this photo a few months ago. Look close, one bird has a gray rat and is passing it to his mate in mid-air. Really cool shot.

According to the caption, this is very common. The male hunts and passes the dinner off to the female in mid-air.

What the fuck is with you and the fat threads?

Nothing. I used the exact news article title for my thread title. Fat Hawk Down

Besides this bird isn’t permanently fat. It simply ate one big meal and needed time to digest it. The rescue center said the bird was fine the next day.

You’re in MPSIMS, dial it back a little, please.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

Wow. Avian mid-air refueling. Who knew?

Well, his eyes were bigger than his stomach, anyway. :smack:

I hope they set him up with a TV and tuned it in to some football while he was recovering. :smiley:

As a 350 lb. person who didn’t think the other thread was all that humorous, all that I can say is, lighten up, Francis. :smiley: Fat birds are funny. Making fun of animals isn’t even close to making fun of a person.

No, it’s definitely a red tailed hawk, not an owl. The head’s not as broad as an owl’s, and the white belly-band is a definitive field mark.

What is a coot?

I’ve heard that turkey vultures sometimes eat so much they can’t fly.

A type of water bird. Sort of like a duck, but fatter and with a shorter neck.

And the old ones look like this.

Hey, I resemble that remark! waves cane in the air Get off mah lawn!