Father kills "gay" toddler

I think I may be sick.

If there’s anything that could make me re-think my opposition to the death penalty, this just might be it.

I hate to use profane language but that fellow is an absolute cunt.

Wow. Just Wow. Poor little guy.

Perhaps Ronnie will find himself treated much the same way in prison. I hear tell child killers are not the highest in the pecking order in the big house.

Quite the opposite. Cunts give life.

As for this foul specimen, what more proof do you need that homophobia and gender fascism are an endemic cancer in our society, and go hand in hand?

What a waste.
Poor little guy. Ignorant things like this just make me angry, and very very tired. :frowning:

Poor little baby.
Why weren’t social services involved much sooner? It sounds like the culmination of a pattern of abuse, not a one off.

My sentiments exactly.

Fucking people. I feel like vomiting.

Any chance we could wish death on this shit bag for killing A CHILD?!?

Fuck, does this have to be the rallying cry for defeating homophobia?!? What about the straight kids killed at age 3? Fuck those kids and give the killer a life sentence? Death only is an option if the kid is gay. Ahem, as perceived by a sick fuck?!?

Where the fuck were you and Otto calling for the death penalty in any of the other numerous cases lately of kids being killed? (And raped along the way)

Talk about a narrow world view. If it can be kinda, sorta, maybe linked to the sexual preference of A 3 YEAR OLD it deserves death. If the kid is straight, for whatever reason, the death penalty isn’t justified.
Sorry to both of you, but it was a fucking kid plain and simple. That is what deserves the shitball be put down.

What duffer said. Real classy to make this a soapbox for your pet cause, matt_mcl. :rolleyes:

(All of what duffer said, btw)

Well, for myself, I get angry and want society to at least ensure the person (if proven guilty of the crimes against children) never gets out of prison alive. However, I can also see that this situation can be veiwed as different in that the people who committed the crimes did so with ignorance, bigotry and hate. The other recent crimes with children as victims were done by people who were mentally ill, or unstable. So maybe it’s the difference between “a screw loose” and “ignorance/hatred” that the OP is speaking of?

It went without saying in my previous post, that I feel that many times the person who is filled with hatred, and bigotry, and acts in willful ignorance is at least as great a danger to society as people who aren’t right in the head that prey on others, if not more so. Look at Fred Phelps as an example of what I mean.

What’s gender facism?


I think he means people who take a “No sissy boys!” stance when raising male children, or “Girls are supposed to make guys happy, and have lots of babies!” for female children. Basically, insisting on rigid forms that must be followed based on gender.

This is FAR to lenient.

I wish I hadn’t read the article. I just get too pissed about child abuse, now I’ll have this on my mind all day. The poor little guy never had a chance to experience the wonder of life. And it sounds like what little life he had was sheer torture.

:mad: :frowning:

I’m going to wait until someone kills an Indian toddler before I rethink my view of the death penalty.

Ok, you’re either an Indian or you’ve got a lot of Indian blood. WE GET IT!


I’m going to start hugging my toddlers a LOT more. In fact, I’m going to go hug them right now.

And the next time my DH makes a crack about our 4 yr old son playing dolls with his little sister, I’m going to kick him in the nuts.

Okay, so what does he get to use, huh? This man killed his toddler son solely because he thought he might be gay and he was trying to toughen him up. How is that not evidence that homophobia is a troublesome social ill? I guess next time a white man kills a black man because he’s black, we can’t use that to decry racism. Female genital mutilation? A crime, but not to be used to demonstrate misogyny (at least according to Malacandra and duffer).

Look, while you may aspire to the higher standard of “all harm is equal”, it’s not unnatural to have a stronger reaction to harm against those with whom you identify.

Fortunately for me, I’m a strong proponent of the death penalty generally, so fry the sick fucker.

Florida’s Department of Children and Families is not known for their efficiency.

Someone who wanted to do more research early in the morning could probably point you to some much more horrific problems with DCF in the past few years.