Fathom is back up...

In the past when the SDMB has gone down, people have often posted about it over at Fathom, and also posted “it’s back up!” messages. Since Fathom has been down for …gulp… A MONTH but is finally back up and working (with a few glitches here and there) I asked TubaDiva if it was ok for me to post a little note here for anyone who may be interested. She graciously said yuppers.

Fathom, slightly wonky, but functioning.

Death to Hackers!
Long Live Fathom!


The Force is strong with this one.

About damn time!

I mean…uh…YAY!

I’ve heard of this place.

I’ll second that emotion!

Thanks Opal. I needed ONE more place to spend hours surfing.

That place is kind of addicting.


It’s the small town in easy driving distance of this big city.

Ah, so everything’s back to normal :slight_smile:

Thanks, it’s good to see the place back up. I don’t post much, but in recent times of timeouts it’s good to have a place to go while this board is down.

I’m still perplexed by it. Is it for Dopers that have been exiled?

I saw you there, bbs2k. I want my long name, dammit!

It’s one of several offshoot boards that some Dopers also belong to, LOUNE. There are also a bunch of ex-Dopers that hang out there.


Ah. That explains that, then.

It has a large portion of posters from the SDMB present and past, but the board isn’t actually an “offshoot” of the SDMB. The present board is an amalgam of the fathom message board that had been around before and had nothing to do with the SDMB, and the “place to say stuff away from AOL’s TOS” board that was set up during the SDMB’s days on AOL. I combined both boards when I changed software. But yes, most of the currently active posters have also posted at the SDMB.

Like Opal ** said, it’s not exactly an off-shoot, because it does have it’s own brand of originality. But the members do tend to be many current and ex-members of the SDMB. I like to think of it as a sort of MPSIMS-lite, if there ever could be such a thing. It seems a lot calmer in pace and content. Also, the place has a lot of fun game threads. Oh, and then there’s good ol’ kat in the politics forum. Good God, I love kathaksung**.

If you’re ever bored, run Kathaksung’s posts through one of those text-to-speech programs. Much hilarity.

Alrighty then. There I am.

Sweet, Opal! I haven’t been over there in a coon’s age. I’ll trot right on over and take a look around at the new (to me) decor! Thanks for the heads up…

Seconded. He alone is worth regular visits. I’m always amazed by his posts.

The scary part is that I’m pretty sure he’s for real.