Faucet Burn

User A goes to wash a few dishes. User A uses HOT water. User A finishes washing dishes and turns water off, puts away dishes, and walks out of kitchen.

30 seconds after User A exits kitchen User B needs to rinse off their hands. User B turns on water to cold or warm and immediately sticks hand under water. User B gets a rush of scolding hot water they are unaware of.

A simple way of preventing this is if User A turns the water to cold before leaving the faucet, but they never do that… User B can also wait and test the water… but they never do that either… this is just one of those things.

Is it just me, or has anyone else encountered this?

I have children. I keep my hot water turned down enough so it won’t burn me, or I hope my children. When my son was in the hospital last year because they suspected that he had cancer, there was a child in the next bed who had been severely burned over much of her body by partial submersion in a tub of hot water. I don’t want that to ever be possible in my house, and I don’t want to rely on someone remembering to run some tepid water so I don’t get burned.