Faulty Oven?

Last week our oven tripped the electrics in our whole house. This has happened a couple of times before when the oven door has been accidentally slammed. Last weeks was when noone was near the oven, it was simply on.

I thought this may be down to a bad earth or bad connection in the wiring. Today I took the oven out and dicovered the earth wire was unconnected. I have fixed this but now the cooker trips the house out when I turn it of or go from normal to fan or change the temperature…sometimes!

Do any dopers have any idea what is wrong here and what can be done?

Many Thanks.

Sounds like you have a major short.
By tripping out the house I assume you mean the main breaker?
The breaker to the oven is not tripping? May be bad. Or main may be weak. Time to grab the VOM and an amp prob and find out what is going on. Other wise you are just juessing and lives could be at stake.

Just bite the bullet and call an electrician. Seriously!!!