Faux-live videos - my disproportionate annoyance

There’s a certain class of music videos that tread between live performance and lip-syncing to studio track. I’m annoyed (disproportionately so) by these because my music-appreciation lobe of my brain tries to parse them as perfect musicians displaying their elite playing mastery, but struggles with the likelihood that they are just ‘live syncing’ to a pre-produced track to give the illusion of liveness. I’m not talking Top of the Pops stuff, that is obviously synced and no one otherwise pretends different. It’s these below that are irksome…I so desperately want them to be snapshots of live virtuosity, but I strongly suspect that it is just production fantasy…

What annoys me over the edge is that these come from a class of musician that is capable of pure perfect liveness (as is commonly seen from Boston or Rush for example), but chose not to do so.

Submitting for evidence:
Blatant offender:
Benatar - Promises in the Dark
Suspects under suspicion:
Heart - Crazy on You
Edgar Winter - Frankenstein