Fav style of BBQ

Thanks, and we are actually having his family from the area bring us some Greenbrier’s sauce! I have never had it but my parents and his family all swear by it. Like I said, I tend towards the Dreamland or Ollie’s.

The only time I heard of Americans eating goat was one that pulled a cart for my Mother as a child ran away with my Mother and Aunts to be aboard.

My Grandfather had it barbecued. :frowning:

If done really well, every one of those styles can be sublime. I embrace the diversity of BBQ styles. I hate that it’s been turned into a competitive sport. BBQ Pitmasters? What a bunch of dicks. They poison their BBQ with that attitude.

An Arky, have you eaten at the Whole Hog?

I know objectively that mustard-based BBQ is legit, but…somehow it doesn’t seem like BBQ to me.

I like to combine KC and NE–I like tomato/ketchup but I want a crapload of vinegar too.

Say, weren’t you the one that posted the BETTER THAN SEX BBQ recipe a while back?

Meh, its affects on BBQers are the same as the influence of MLB on a backyard game of catch.

It was strange for me, too, raised on The Shack’s vinegar based sauce. But I became a convert!
Before the Shack shut down, I dated the daugther of an employee and was privy to a story of rats dragging a rack of ribs across the kitchen floor. She would not eat there.

Yes. Which used a ton of vinegar, chili sauce and lime-juice.

Only thing I’d change is I now have a smoker, and while you can do wonderful things with propane grills, it simply can’t do true bbq as well as a low-and-slow charcoal smoker. That recipe still makes pretty damned good pulled pork, but if you use a charcoal bbq/smoker, it’ll turn out even better.

I’m afraid to ask, but what the hell is that? What is a white sauce with regards to BBQ?

Btw, I picked Texas BBQ, b/c I prefer cow bits, but I’m like many here that said they each have their plusses and minuses and FREE is the best kind ever!

The poll is biased in the way it asks the question (order of choices is not neutral).

White BBQ Sauce.

Now go find some brain bleach to get rid of the image.

Shibb - That’s your quibble?

Where in the Bay Area did you go? I was never impressed by any of the Texas-style places I’d tried, in either the Bay Area or in the Monterey area, and I never made it out to ‘Doug’s under the bridge’ before he closed. I always wondered, “What’s the point again? Why do people rave about this stuff?” And then I found Kreuz, Smitty’s and Luling…

There are a lot of places in Texas that consider this 'que too. Unfortunately. Agree with silenus and pulykamell: There is a lot of bad bbq, or at least bbq that makes you dislike spending the money. If it’s someone’s backyard, OTOH, you’re not really there just for the food, are you?

And related to that, I am waiting and hoping for Pierson and Company to open back up in Houston. (though he was the furthest thing from ornery.) Gatlin’s BBQ and Thelma’s (who is ornery) will just have to fill the void. Thelma really isn’t that bad; you just have to know the rules, is all.

BBQ is a noun. BBQ is pork shoulder. If you have to ask what kind (beef, ribs, chicken, pork?) then you are in the wrong place.

Sauce is a thick tangy tomato base with a bit of vinegar, a bit sweet but not like ketchup at all. More a mix of KC and East Carolina styles.

No, but it looks good!

I kind of wonder where Arkansas BBQ falls in this list…of course, it depends on the place, but generally speaking, it seems somewhere between Memphis and Kansas City with a smidgeon of Texas, but I could be wrong.

It’s good, but they don’t cook in sauce, they have various bottled selections.

The shack had vinegar and lots of pepper; Sims has gone badly downhill. Sort of tomato vinegar.

If you never make it out this way, Steve Raichlen has a pretty good write up of the technique and the sauce in BBQ USA so you can try it at home. Fair warning, though: mutton can make pork barbecue seem pretty flat and dull because the flavor is so much more complex and intense. If you do make it out this way, I highly recommend going to Old Hickory and getting a combo plate: sliced mutton off the pit (this is important, you get a drier, smokier-tasting meat this way), mutton ribs, and either pork ribs or some chicken.

This isn’t a poll about barbecues, it’s a poll about sauce.

Eastern NC is traditionally whole hog cooked over wood, while western NC is whole shoulder.

I’m confused.
What does your second comment have to do with sauce? :slight_smile:

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