Fave (?) Arachnid/Bug-Themed Movies

Kingdom of the Spiders, 1977. William Shatner. 5,000 live tarantulas. Absolutely traumatized by the ending.

Wiki has a good plot summary, including the ending if you want to spoil yourself.

James & The Giant Peach

Contibuting to the pile on I vote for** Them!** as the best bug movie. Someone up post mentioned Fess Parker being in the film. Did anyone else catch the a young Army lieutenant who was in charge of the communications room setup? He had a couple lines. That was Leonard Nimoy.

Oh, and I did like *The Naked Jungle *as well, with an oh so young Charlton Heston. Eleanor Parker was a bigger name at the time and appeared in the credits before Heston. And William Conrad early in the movie, on the boat with Parker? I think he got a small role because before TNJ was a movie, there was a radio play version(sans mail order bride) with Conrad voicing the Leiningen role.

My favorite scene in that movie is when Parker is playing the out of tune piano.(Humidity) Heston has a well hidden inferiority complex where women are concerned and keeps picking at her, wondering why she’d come all this way to marry him sight unseen. He finally figures out she’s, ahem, “experienced”(he’s a virgin) Exasperated she tells him she’s a widow, and explains the circumstances. Then she bangs her hands down on the piano and exclaims “If you knew anything about music you’d know that a piano is better when it’s been played! This piano is badly out of tune!” Then she storms out of the room.

Gee, I’m surprised (well, not really) that no one has mentioned the 1955 release, Tarantula, featuring an uncredited Clint Eastwood as a jet pilot.

I’ve had a thing for those cheesy 1970’s movies where nature goes crazy and animals attack humanity. For that reason I’ve got to reiterate Kingdom of the Spiders with the wonderful acting of Mr. Bill Shatner. That visual it leaves on will haunt any kid who sees it for years.

Them was Ants. But I liked it anyway. I liked 8 Legged Freaks too. The original The Fly with the "help me " at the end.