Favorite Character in a Movie

The other day I got to thinking about how much some characters stick with you and that, in turn, leads to one sometimes becoming your favorite.

Well, in that vein, I love baseball movies. But my all-time favorite is Bull Durham. Which means I absolutely adore Susan Sarandon’s turn as Annie Savoy. You could even say that her character is my favorite in all of cinema.

So how about you? What character do you love and hold to such a high esteem?

Rudy in Rudy.

I spent a very difficult year a while back getting sober. I watched that movie every day. sometimes twice a day. a total of more than 450 times.

he was my inspiration.

almost 7 years without a drink now

WALL-E might be my favorite movie character ever.

He’s a robot but he’s more observant, considerate, and sentimental than most people. He has a lot of great little moments but my favorite is when he plays 8000 rounds of Pong with EVE to keep her company. Awww.

This is of course going to change from day to day, but right this second, my all-time favorite character is Walter Matthau’s turn as Transit Police Lt. Zacharay Garber in the original Taking of Pelham 1-2-3.

In the subcategory of all-time favorite villain the nod goes to Eddie Dane (J. E. Freeman), the muscle employed by mobster Johnny Caspar in Miller’s Crossing. Pure malevolence, but with the driest of dry wit.

Three very different characters came to mind immediately as favorites:

Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird,
Alexandra in The Fall and
Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood

I know it is sort of odd, but I really like the protagonist in Babbette’s Feast. This poor woman is desperate when her family is killed off in the 1871 fighting in Paris. She hauls herself to a small fishing village in Denmark and gets a pair of sisters to take her in as a servant in exchange for food and board, and one guesses clothing. Many years later, she wins a substantial lottery and uses the money to provide a lavish birthday commemerative feast for the sisters and their congregation.

I have nothing but admiration for a woman that can make the decision to totally change her life and go on to not just survive but thrive when she loses everything. The ability to remake oneself without complaint, and to fit into the new life in a positive way is amazingly rare. She goes from premier chef in Paris to humble maid of all work in a small fishing village without complaint, making friends in her new life cheerfully. We could all take her as a positive example.

And the food she makes under such primative conditions is amazing. Some day I would love to recreate that menu [except maybe not the turtle soup, I am not fond of turtle soup. Maybe a nice potage puree des haricots as a substitution, or even just a consomme royale.]

Old Lodge Skins in Little Big Man. You can live by his wisdom:

"Well, sometimes the magic works. Sometimes, it doesn’t. "

“Invisible! I’ve never been invisible before!”

"Today is a good day to die. "

Inigo Montoya. I like him even better than the man in black.

Agreed. There certainly aren’t any bad characters in *The Princess Bride *(in terms of characterization), but Westley always struck me as being a little too…perfect. Inigo seems much more human to me.