Favorite clues in mystery movies/movies with surprise endings? (Spoilers, obviously)

Now, I know everyone will probably bring up The Sixth Sense and The Usual Suspects, but to start this off on a less usual note, I want to share my absolute favorite, and I didn’t even realize what it meant until later.

At the very beginning of The Crying Game, at the carnival, while Jody is peeing still holding Jude’s hand, he tells her that he’s “never held a woman’s hand before.” I wonder if any moviegoers seeing it for the first time remembered that statement, and thought it very odd, when they introduced Jody’s long-time “girlfriend”?

I’ve always remembered that one just because it was so neat, so subtle, and, well, so cool. Any others as cool as this one? :slight_smile:

The movire The Last of Sheila is full of them. This is a wonderful, layered mystery within a mystery within a mystery. It gives you all the clues, but I guarantee that you won’t get the solution.


One that I caught when I first watched it was when Richard Benjamin’s character crumpled his “crime”, but when he later brought it out it was clean and uncreased. Obviously, somethin as wrong, but I didn’t know what.