Favorite (current) arcade games

What are your favorite games to play in video arcades these days? Even though home consoles are cheaper and more powerful than ever, some games just have to be played in the arcade.

Time Crisis 2/Crisis Zone. These are two of my favorite gun games. TC2 is out for PlayStation2, but it can’t compare on the home screen (even if you have a GunCon) to playing it on the big screen with that heavy pistol and pedal setup on the arcade machine. Crisis Zone is even cooler since you have an MP5.

Silent Scope. Again, 1 and 2 are on PlayStation, but this game isn’t any fun unless you have that big-ass sniper rifle to use.

Police 911. Takes the traditional shooting game and adds motion sensors, meaning you have to actually dodge and duck bullets on the screen. Konami has a boxing game that uses the same technology.

I’m also a fiend for driving games, the more fancy the cabinet, the better. Sega’s Ferrari game has three screens. Many of the newer ones have speakers in the seats (There’s an awesome tank game called “Tokyo Wars” that makes good use of this).

In short, arcades are still great at delivering complicated experiences. It would be cost-prohibitive to implement these kind of features on a home console, but for 50 or 75 or sometimes even a dollar a pop in arcades, they’re a blast.

So what do you play at the arcades?

I’m addicted to Star Wars Trilogy Arcade, and can now beat the whole thing on one credit. 50 cents for 30 minutes of play is a good deal.

Also, Hydrothunder. The best racing game out there is with boats, not cars.

Christ JBERGES, I just realized how much I suck at that game now.

My favorites are not exactly new games

Police Trainer - I run through all the levels on one credit

Area 51 - I got a streak of 100 once, and can usually fill the top 10 high scores

Star Wars - the old school sit down machine. There are two of them left in NH

Empire Strikes Back - another old school game. I found one of these at DisneyQuest in Orlando back in February

I’d love to try DDR, but I’m a little too old for that :slight_smile:

Nothin’ beats good old pinball!

Favorites: Indiana Jones Pinball Adventure, Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Black Knight.

Got all three in my gameroom. (I clearly have more dollars than sense!)

Damn! I have forgotton to not become drunken again!

Police 911 is a really fun game, but I like the original name of Police vs. Japanes Yakuza.

House of the Dead is one of my true favorites, although I really don’t care much for the sequel. Although Typing of the Dead is really fucking funny.

There’s a new shooting game about vampires that’s really kinda tough and annoying, but the voice acting is absolutley horrific and that just makes it worth pumping quarters into.

Metal Slug X is fun, especially on the zombie levels. Sure, getting turned into a zombie sucks, but any game where your grenades become replaced with the ability to spew streams of blood at the enemy.

Teken 4 just looks really nice, but I suck at it, so I don’t play all that often.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Haven’t tried the home version yet, but it’s one of the only games I can’t resist in arcade form.

Dance Dance Revolution.

Haven’t tried the home version yet, but it’s one of the only games I can’t resist in arcade form.

Oh my gosh, have we all forgotten the wonderfulness that is Golden Tee?!? Not only is the game truly god-like, but it presents you with an opportunity to curse and yell at Pat Summerall.

No, you don’t understand, he finds it really irresistable. :smiley:

I also love Police 911. There’s a sequel out that lets you pick from 4 different cops, each with a different gun. I like picking the guy with the machine gun. :slight_smile:

Dance Dance Revolution.

Haven’t tried the home version yet, but it’s one of the only games I can’t resist in arcade form.

oops… heh heh… er…

Look, over there, it’s Time Crisis 3!


Now, I’ve never been one for golf, so the premise of a golf video game really just baffles me, but what I really want to know is…
Why is this game located in every bar across the continental US? What connection could beer and video golf possibly have with one another?