Favorite daytime serial titles or closings

What is/are/was/were your favorite daytime serial title sequence(s) or closing(s)?

One of mine is and will always be that one from As The World Turns from 1981-93 (the one where the globe swishes right to left, and then a smaller globe comes in from the left to assume the place of the O in “World” as the rest of the title comes in from off-screen). The closing was equally impressive (an extra-large globe spinning in place while the credits rolled).

Another one was that one from Another World from 1981-87 (the one with the ring-tunnel and the title in Kabel Ultra Bold Heavy Metallic).

“Like sand through an hourglass…”

I’ve always been fond of the opening of The Young and the Restless. It’s a pretty basic one - the theme song playing over portraits of the cast - but it’s pleasantly so.

I thought it was good myself. The closing was pretty good too, especially the one that ended with CPT’s 80s Coke Lady.

I liked the opening to The Edge of Night.

Dark Shadows.