Favorite fight scene in MCU Films/TV

I’ve seen all the MCU films and TV series and always appreciated the action and fights. Let’s hear your favorites.

Also, side note … It seems the bad ass move of tossing your knife from one hand to the other in the middle of a fight/struggle is ongoing thing in MCU. Hawkeye switches hands in his skirmish with Black Widow in Avengers 1. Winter Soldier tosses to opposite hand in fight with Captain America in CA:WS. Most recently, Killmonger tosses spear tip from one hand to next in fight with Black Panther in** Black Panther**.

The hallway fight from the first season of Daredevil and the elevator fight from Captain America: Winter Soldier are the gold standard that I compare all other MCU fights to.

The hallway scene in Daredevil may be the best (though why he didn’t kill the lights – there was a breaker box at the end of the hall that he walked right past – was beyond me).*

Other than that, I can’t think of any that impressed me. The only other ones that come to mind were the various fights in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

*Yes, I know the reason: if he had done that, you couldn’t have seen anything.

When the Hulk “one punches” the metal dragon ship or whatever it’s called in The Avengers. Really confirms the accuracy of Tony’s comment, “We have a Hulk” when Loki tells him he has an army.

The airport fight in Civil War.

However, my all time favorite moment occurs during the first season hallway fight in Daredevil, when the thug is about to enter the room where Daredevil’s fighting the others and gets hit with a microwave oven somebody threw.

The elevator fight in CA:WS. Steve Rogers at his most bad-ass.

“Before we begin, doesn’t anybody want to get off?”

It’s hard to beat a long continuous fight with no cuts where the actor is seamlessly substituted by a stuntman with cameras rolling. It may be the best fight scene ever.

puny god

I agree on Daredevil’s hallway, and the Cap elevator fight, I also rate the Punisher fight outside the prison cells, which was from Dardevil’s series (oddly rather Punishers own).

Gotta go with Daredevil’s fight scene in the hall as well.

I would argue that was a beatdown, not a fight. YMMV.

But I concur with Dendarii Dame that the Hulk going “One Punch Man” in the Avengers was marvelous. In fact, the whole NYC battle was very well done with all the characters involved.

Cap’s elevator fight is my favorite.

The overpass fight scene from The Winter Soldier, particularly the fight between Cap and Bucky. Their fight was brutal and incredibly well choreographed and the speed and power of their blows and movements really captured for what I felt was the first time in three films (the other two being CA: The First Avenger and the Avengers) just how superhuman Cap was. It’s still the gold standard for me wrt MCU fight scenes.

All good picks and I’d agree with them all.

I’d also go with Ant-Man VS Falcon and Ant-Man VS Yellowjacket in Ant-Man. Despite the absurdity of the the Ant-Man science (let’s not get into that, it’s a comic book movie people, let it go), its just fun to watch.

Another great fight scene, IMO, was the prison break out in Guardians of the Galaxy.

I like the first fight Black Widow is in, in IM2.

Winter Soldier is my favorite MCU film. Love the elevator fight. Although, I also love the beginning, where Cap clears the deck of the boat basically at a full sprint, with occasional pauses to dish out epic whup-ass.

I was going to say the Daredevil hallway scene too. I also quite like Cap & Bucky vs. Iron Man in Civil War and this awesome Skye scene from Agents of Shield season 2.

Ooh, I almost forgot… Black Widow’s intro fight in Avengers 1 (the Russians and the chair.) It’s quick, but awesome.

Enraged Hulk VS Hulkbuster Armor in Avengers 2.

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