Favorite Guitar Riff/Solo

This thread was inspired by MTV showing a 20 year retrospective. I happened to tune in when they showed Guns n Roses. I asbolutely LOVE the riff in Sweet Child of Mine.

As well as…

Paradise City,Welcome to the Jungle and Rocket Queen…Guns n Roses

Heart Shaped Box,Scentless Apprentice,Lithium,Aneurysm and Pay to Play…Nirvana

Today and Disarm…Smashing Pumpkins

Supernova…Liz Phair

One,Fuel,and Master of Puppets…Metallica

These are just off the top of my head.

The end of November Rain by Guns and Roses has always been my favorite.

For the life of me, I can’t think of the name of the Santana/Rob Thomas song but the riffs in that are pretty good too.

My favortie riff of all time is during the chorus of “Make Me Bad” by Korn. Other than that I love the first riff in “Need To” also by Korn. My favorite solo however, is from “In too Deep” by Sum 41. Also, the begining of “Sweet Child Of Mine” is up there…
mayberrydan- Are you thinking of “Smooth”?

The intro to Breadfan, Metallica covers it. I makes me want to break things and start fires.

I could go on and on about the guitar solos of Frank Zappa, but just a few of my favorite ones are :

Transylvania Boogie from Chunga’s Revenge
Holiday in Berlin, Full Blown from * Burnt Weenie Sandwich*
The ending solo from King Kong from Uncle Meat
The Gumbo Variations from Hot Rats
The Orange County Lumber Truck from Weasels Ripped my Flesh

Don’t forget Watermelon in Easter Hay!

I really like the guitar breaks in Pink Floyd’sComfortably Numband Dogs.

It was pointed out on slate.com, just after Joey Ramone died, and his guitar solo on (if I remember right) I Wanna Be Sedated consisted of just one note, plucked repeatedly.

They provided a link to it, and I never realized it until that moment.

One note. But he played the hell out of it.

Eat your heart out, Eddie Van Halen.

Off the top of my head, a few stand out

Mick Ronson on “Moonage Daydream” by Bowie. Gotta hear those glissando riffs up and down the neck, you’re not supposed to be able to do that on an instrument with frets!

Zappa in “The Torture Never Stops” on his infamous fretless Strat. You’re not supposed to be able to do that on a guitar, even withOUT frets!

Phil Manzanera in “East of Echo.” A haunting tune on acoustic guitar, even more bizarre because it was recorded backwards.

I’ve always been kind of partial to Johnny B. Goode, from the original rock guitar soloist, Chuck Berry. <Go, Johnny, go>

Oh, and another one that really stands out, Intruder, from Eddie Van Halen. I know, he’s so incredibly passe now, but I’m old enough to remember hearing that one when I bought Diver Down the first day it was released. That one blew everyone’s mind back then.

I’m just learning guitar, and I’ve found Nirvana’s
main riff for “Come as you are” to be easy as hell to learn, and fun to play. After a few quick scales to warm up, I play it a couple times just because I enjoy the way it sounds.

I’m trying to teach myself the opening riff from Metallica’s “Search and Destroy”, which just sounds cool. But it’s harder than you might think.

Hard to beat Slash from G&R for really neat sounding guitar, though. I think he’s presently my favorite guitarist.

Same here. I’m just learning guitar and I warm up with the opening to Scentless Apprentice.

More for the list…

Walk This Way by Aerosmith

Gutless,Plump and Celebrity Skin by Hole

Bullet the Blue Sky and In God’s Country by U2

Call me corny, but:

The solo in Love Gun by KISS (I think this is possibly The Greatest Guitar Solo of all time)

The solo in the long version of Baker Street by Jerry Rafferty

The Heavy, super-nasty riff in Du Hast by Rammstein

The riff in the chorus of The Green Manalishi by Judas Priest

The solo in Another Brick In The Wall Part II by Pink Floyd (Another contender for GGSOOT)

I agree. :slight_smile:

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Ummmmm, try this. :shaking head:

“My Sharona” by the Knack (the second solo in the LP version)

“Let It Rain” by Eric Clapton (a victim of his own success - whenever he made an album without a killer solo, critics just knew his career was over)

I Feel Fine, by the Beatles. Some say that was George Harrison’s best technical guitar work.

Folsom Prison Blues, by Johnny Cash. Although I’m actually partial to the cover done by Reverend Horton Heat.

Hot Rod Lincoln, by Commander Cody. Bill Kirchen, their guitarist, taught me that riff on the very guitar he played on the record!

Sugarfoot Rag, as played by Junior Brown.

Alvin Lee’s solo on I’m Goin’ Home, on the Woodstock soundtrack. Almost seemed like he was playing in between the beats.

Alice’s Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie. Lots of fun to play too.

House of the Rising Sun, by the Animals.

Eddie Van Halen’s solo on Ice Cream Man. Yeah, I know it’s mostly fast scales, but I love it!

Cliffs of Dover, by Eric Johnson.

Mick Ronson’s riff on Ziggy Stardust by Bowie.

Roger McGuinn’s riff from The Byrd’s cover of Dylan’s Mr. Tamborine Man.


ditto Ziggy Stardust, by David Bowie.

Sultans of Swing, Dire Straits

I am the Black Gold of the Sun, Gilles Peterson

Ramble On, Led Zepplin

If Only, Queens of the Stone Age

Post-Modern Sleaze, Sneaker Pimps

Runnin’ With the Devil, Van Halen

Born to be Wild, Steppenwolf

All Right Now, Free

White Room, Cream

Sunshine of Your Love, Cream

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana

Paranoid Android, Radiohead

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, Iron Butterfly

Crazy On You, Heart

Magic Man, Heart

here are some great ones:

Guns N’ Roses - Estranged, Locomotive, It’s so Easy, Mr. Brownstone

Black Crowes - Remedy, No Speak No Slave, Twice as Hard

Rolling Stones - Satisfaction, Sympathy for the Devil, Dead Flowers

Aerosmith - Sweet Emotion

Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker, Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Rock n’ Roll, Stairway to Heaven, the Ocean, and many many more…