Favorite Hotel Along NJ Turnpike

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate forum for this, but since it isn’t technically a factual question…

I’m taking the family (me, wife, 2 small kids) on a small road trip next month, and I’m looking for a place to stay somewhere along the NJ Turnpike. We’re only going to be sleeping there, so extra amenities (pool, food) aren’t important – what I’m looking for is some place that minimizes price while still being clean, well-maintained and relatively safe (i.e., no qualms about checking in after 9pm with kids in tow).

As I imagine this is a route that gets driven a lot, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations.


Holiday Inn - Monroe

I don’t know if I’d call it my *favorite *hotel along the Turnpike, I think I’ve only stayed in a few, this one included, but it is a decent enough hotel.

Typical Holiday Inn - clean rooms, reasonable rates, and immediately off the Turnpike at Exit 8A. Definitely a safe area, actually a bit boring (I grew up there.) It’s right about in the middle of the state.

Perfect. Thanks!

If you like Lenox or Crate and Barrel merchandise, both stores have huge outlets right at exit 8-A! You can’t beat the prices for Lenox.