Favorite Irish Song?

For the holiday, name a Song by Irish artist or about Ireland or popular there. Here is mine: Danny Boy by Eva Cassidy

And since I know someone will bring it up, I know the words to Danny Boy were written by an English guy.

Come Out Ye Black and Tans - Wolftones

A fake Irish folk ballad I recorded a couple of years ago:

She Are Green

I first heard the song in a dream, where it served as music for a Clorox 2 commercial.

Caide Sin Do’n Te Sin, by Clannad

Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ral, by Bing Crosby

Yes, I know. American-imitation Irish. But THIS is the song I sang to my daughter when I first held her in my arms when she was less than an hour old, and it is also the song I sang to my grandson within the first two hours of his birth. I have context.

It’s a Long, Long Way From Clare to Here This one by Dingle Spike. Not original to them, but my favorite version. Starts about 29 minutes in. Who the hell is Dingle Spike, Grandpa?

“The Minstrel Boy,” as sung by the Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem.
“Rainstreet” by the Pogues.
“Planxty George Barbazon,” by O’Carolan (the version I know is played by the Cheiftains)

Don’t Go For the One, Gaelic Storm

I’ve never heard the Clancy Brothers an Tommy Makem version of The Minstrel Boy (at least, I don’t think I have), but I was going to nominate another one of theirs, their version of the Liar Song. I think this is it, but YouTube is acting up for me right now.

At least, that’s my favorite if I’m in a rowdy mood. For something more sedate, I’m fond of “Fair Is the Rose”. The best rendition of it I’ve ever heard (by a local Montana band) doesn’t seem to be online.

The Bricklayers Song

I’m partial to The Irish Rover.

“Down by the Salley Gardens”: words by poet William Butler Yeats, based on a folk song

The Boys Are Back In Town
Stretched at your Grave

and speaking of Yeats - Stolen Child by the Waterboys…

Funky Céilí - Black 47

Fuck you I’m Drunk - by Flogging Molly

After seeing this thread, this was the first song I thought of.

Devils Dance Floor

Flogging Molly

And even though they’re from Australia -

An Irish Pub

The Rumjacks

Gotta be the saga of Johnny McEldoo . . .

Shamrock Shore.

I like Boiled in Lead’s version, but I couldn’t find it to share. It used to get played frequently on KXLU when ‘Old Lead’ was released, so it’s the version I identify with.

My favorite song to come from an Irish performer would not be of the traditional variety. Off the top of my head, maybe Rory Gallagher’s Walk On Hot Coals, or Thin Lizzy’s Cowboy Song. Cowboy Song is a perfect Rock and Roll song.