Favorite Led Zeppelin album

Vote for your favorite Led Zeppelin album, doesn’t matter if you think it is ‘the best’ or not.

II for sure.

Tough call between II, IV, Physical Graffiti and Presence. I voted Physical Graffiti but while writing this post I get second thoughts…

Well, at least I get two records to my desert island.

Their first album, because they plagiarized from better sources. :slight_smile:

It also had far more musical range. The rest of the work was primarily made up on variations on “Communications Breakdown.”

I checked Physical Graffiti, but really it’s tied with II.

Interesting. I love the first five albums, but I like the variety and range on the later albums much more. I’m actually quite tired of all the straight mid-or-down tempo Zeppelin blues tunes that appears on I&II. Things really start getting interesting for me by III and IV. I voted IV because, to me, it has the perfect balance of everything that made Zeppelin great. It’s also the first Zeppelin album I bought, so it is a sentimental favorite. But between III, IV, and Houses of the Holy, it’s a tough choice. Physical Graffit is great, too, but it’s a little too sprawling for me. If I had to rank them in order, it’d probably go: IV, III, Houses of the Holy, II, I, Physical Graffiti, In Through the Out Door, Presence, Coda. But those first six are really tightly bunched. We’re talking the difference between a “10” album for IV to an “8.5” for Physical Graffiti.

This is a tough one to narrow down. But I had to go with Physical Graffiti. Which isn’t really fair to compare it with the others since it’s a double album.

I voted for IV, but i’d like to give an honorable mention to How the West Was Won, which contains a recording of Moby Dick which is FAR superior to the one on The Song Remains the Same.

I’d say the BBC sessions album. Wonderfully atmospheric stuff and capturing their 1969 brilliance.

It also contains their version of “Travelling Riverside Blues” which may well be one of their finest moments.
I played it to my 3 and 5 year olds yesterday and they couldn’t keep still. I think they missed out on the symbolism of “squeeze my lemon”…thankfully.

III. Purely because it has Since I’ve Been Loving You on it.

IV has the classic concentrated Zep goodness, including Black Dog and Rock and Roll.

This was tough, but I voted for Physical Graffiti because it contains “In My Time of Dying,” which is my hands-down favorite Led Zep song. When that comes on the stereo, the world stops spinning for 11 minutes.

But IV, II, and Houses of the Holy are close behind.

I went w/ Physical Graffiti but honestly I think every single one is frikkin’ awesome.

I went with II, because it’s a standard bearer; a classic, yet immediate-sounding LP.

Hard to pick, but I went with III. Every time I hear Immigrant Song, it takes me back to riding the school bus my first year of highschool.

I love the first 6 but I voted for IV as it has a slight edge in my heart. But all of the first 6 are perfect albums.

+1. PG has Kashmir, which I think is the quintessential Zep song, along with a solid representation of their light and dark sides…

Tough choice between III and Houses of the Holy for me, but HotH ultimately won out for being more solid start-to-finish and more listenable as an album. With III, I’ll usually skip “Immigrant Song”, though occasionally making up for it by listening to “That’s the Way” and “Since I’ve Been Loving You” twice!

I love all of the Zeppelin albums–and for different reasons with each–but as I’ve gotten older I don’t feel the same connection to the harder-rocking radio staples that I did as a teenager… and nostalgia does not win the day for me when it comes to the Zep.

Oh, and “all of the Zeppelin albums” for me does not include Coda (for reasons probably understandable to most readers of this), nor does it include Presence (which I just could never get into, and don’t really care to try anymore).

Not a fan, which you can tell by my choice of In Through the Out Door, Plant’s least screechy and Page’s least masturbatory album.

Physical Graffiti also has the fantastic underworld melody “In The Light”, with gorgeous chorus, and at song beginning (and mid song) features two dragons flying miles apart and above the stratus clouds… eerily calling, trumpeting out to one another. A haunting song. Under noticed. And under played.

It also has “Humble Pie” and “The Rover”.