Favorite movie score of all time?

Inspired by this earlier thread.

Some of mine:

[ul]On Her Majesty’s Secret Service[/ul]

[ul]Dances With Wolves[/ul]

[ul]Dr. No[/ul]



[ul]The Mission[/ul]

[ul]A.I. - Artificial Intelligence[/ul]

[ul]Star Trek: The Motion Picture[/ul]

[ul]Rebel Without a Cause[/ul]

A Streetcar Named Desire

Taxi Driver



Magnificent Seven

(I should add that both movie and TV soundtracks qualify, the title of the thread notwithstanding.)

**Star Wars (Original/A New Hope)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

The Rocketeer

Forbidden Planet

The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad



That’s excluding scores with classical music, like 2001, Barry Lyndon, other Stanley Kubrick films, and Fantasia.

just off the top of my head

  • North By Northwest
  • Sneakers
  • Sherlock Holmes

At the risk of sounding incredibly pretentious:

Lieutenant Kijé.

Hmm, two dozen faves off the top of my head:

King Kong (Steiner)
Bride of Frankenstein (Waxman)
Alexander Nevsky (Prokofiev)
Pinocchio (Harline/Smith/Washington)
Henry V (Walton)
The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (Herrmann)
The Red Shoes (Easdale)
The Big Country (Moross)
Anatomy of a Murder (Ellington)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Mancini)
Juliet of the Spirits (Rota)
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Morricone)
The Lion in Winter (Barry)
Z (Theodorakis)
Two English Girls (Delerue)
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (Shire)
The Empire Strikes Back (Williams)
Conan the Barbarian (Poledouris)
Under Fire (Goldsmith)
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (Burton)
Candyman (Glass)
Cutthroat Island (Debney)
American Beauty (T.Newman)
The Motorcycle Diaries (Santaolalla)

Kill Bill (which is my answer to all kinds of ‘favorite movie’ questions. But I really love that score)

There Will be Blood

ETA: Almost forgot the Lion King

Some of my faves are in that list, ArchiveGuy. Made me think of a few others:

Cool Hand Luke


The Vikings

Pal Joey (yes, it was a musical, but even so…)

The Great Escape

From TV:

Peter Gunn
Mr. Lucky
Adventures in Paradise
Air Power

Not a score–a soundtrack. Virtually none of the music was written for the film.

The original Casino Royale(Burt Bacharach, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass)

Alexander Nevsky
North by Northwest
The Lion in Winter
Star Trek II: The Wrath on Khan
Twilight Zone: The Movie

That’s the only reason that wasn’t my first answer. It was truly brilliant music selection.

Almost forgot – Ed Wood. That and NxNW tie for best opening title ever.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
You Only Live Twice
South Pacific
West Side Story
Dances With Wolves

Betty Blue

For helping to kickstart Bossa Nova: Black Orpheus.

Ok. You just blew my mind. I could have sworn that RZA created music for Kill Bill. All kinds of scenes are floating through my mind that I love the music to and attributed to Rza. Funny thing is, I can’t even remember where I got such an idea from! I must have heard that he contributed to the soundtrack or something.


I can’t believe I forgot Lawrence of Arabia.

RZA did some fine music for Ghost Dog which I might not have remembered before your comments. Good flic, too.