Favorite Multiple Personality Character (possible spoilers?)

Ok we have literature, movies, tv and music to scour to locate the most unexpected or unusual cases of multiple personalities.
Since I do not know how to do the little spoiler boxes, I will offer up an obvious multiple personalities character from TV, The Young Ones Jerzy Bulofski. He was the same character imitating different members of an insane family headed up the landlord Jerzy.

I know that there are tons of better cases of multiple personalitites out there- fight my ignorance of who they are.

Billy Milligan–the first person to get a finding of “not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect” (as they call it now). Book by Daniel Keyes (of Flowers for Algernon fame).

well not to spoil a surprise in a movie I’ll do a spoiler box (heck I’m getting alot of practice at making them lately)

Identity was great…even though I guessed it fairly early on.

Crazy Jane from Doom Patrol

Not only a cool idea, but a great Deus ex Machina.

Need a super power, invent a new personality!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, beforel David Hasselhoff ruined him.

You do a spoiler box just like any other tag, except with spoiler inside the brackets. <spoiler> </spoiler> except using brackets.

I would disagree that Alexei Sayle was playing one character with multiple personalities. He was playing (and was credited as) the Belofsky family. He also played other non-Belofsky characters, including a train driver and a vampire/driving instructor.

I second Crazy Jane as a cool multiple character, who sadly wasn’t as fully explored as she could have been before being written out.

Some Contenders

Golum / Smiegol
Rimmer / Ace Rimmer

But the winner for me has to be

The Fight Club main character

Norman Bates

Detta Walker/Odetta Holmes = Suzannah Dean.

(Dark Tower)

Woody Allen’s cross-examination scene in Bananas.

I don’t know how to do the little spoiler box, but I’ll just say I agree with Bippy , although I’m not sure if he’s the best character, or just the best use of a multiple personality in the best book. In the end, the book wasn’t really about the multiple personality, it was more like a means to what the book was really about. Or at least one thing the book was about; such is the genius that is Chuck Palahniuk.

tyler durden

that’s the guy’s name, and I learned how to do the box!

What, nobody’s said the Hulk yet? In the comics, the guy’s been shown to have several THOUSAND personalities (although only four prominent ones).

How is Batman a multiple personality?

Well Batman in normal life is a clumsy doofus, but when he puts on the tights he become a super hero. So its a consciously controlled multiple of personalities. Either that or a very strange lingerie fetish.

I disagree. Batman strikes me as a psycho, certainly, but never an MPD. When he’s portrayed as Bruce Wayne, there’s typically an “interior Batman monologue” running. In other words, the Bruce Wayne “personality” is a facade he puts on so that nobody would suspect that he’s Batman. (Keep in mind, also, that young Bruce studied all over the world from the greatest teachers he could find. One of the talents he picked up in that period was acting.)

Further evidence is from an episode of the “Batman Beyond” cartoon, in which Bruce revealed that he thinks of himself as Batman in his own mind. It’s hard to consider a cartoon canonical, but I would say it’s consistent with how the comics have portrayed him.

Agnes Nitt / Perdita X. Dream