Favorite names - for boys or girls??

Okay, I am not announcing anything official yet, because I haven’t made it a full three months.

Hypothetically, let’s just say I am researching kids names for a project or something.

I like names that are a little unusual, so that there are not five kids of the same name in class, but not so strange so people are constantly saying, “How do you pronounce that?”

Ethnicity doesn’t matter, whatever sounds good.

Thanks for your time.

And remember I’m not announcing anything. Officially. Yet.


Just keep in mind, I’m not officially congratulating you yet…but I’ve always liked the names Dominic and Dimitrius for a boy.

For a girl, I like Serenity and Chastity.

But, uh … you can’t have them. I want kids with those names some day! :wink:


For a Boy:

For a Girl:

I’m giving you these names only because this is for a “project” because these will be my kids’ names, one day!


Al- Zarrah

Sorry Lost, your names were already on my list.

(Tell you what, I’ll race you!)

Sorry Lost, your names were already on my list.

(Tell you what, I’ll race you!)

My favourite names are Alanna and James. They’re probably not what you’re looking for.

Slightly more unusual names that I like… (you just know none of these are going to be too wacky)


For a boy, Ian.

For a girl, Darcy (i, ie) or Elisa (Elise)

Boy: Alexander, Oliver, Maximillian or Maxim, Nicholas, Louis, Victor
Girl: Sophia, Vera, Ruth, Helen, Selene, Emily

Boy: never really thought about it. I’ve always liked Chad for no particular reason.

Girl: Emily, Erin, Estelle, Elizabeth, Eve. Yes, there is a pattern there. Also, Sarah. If I ever have a daughter, though, I’m definitely going to attempt talking the SO into Eris. :smiley:

Tiburcio Lit Vin Chuk

Ok, this is revealing the true bogan in me:

GIRL: Shazza (Sharon/Shannon), Charlene, Narelle, Trace (Tracey), Sheila and Beryl

BOY: Gazza (Gary), Dazza (Darryl), Bazza (Barry), Wazza (Warrick), Wayne (must be pronounced with drawn out nasal Wayyyyyn), and Dwayne (same pronounciation rule as Wayne).

I fully understand if you do not consider any of them.
We’re not in 1980s Ramsay St anymore, Toto

I’ve always said I’m going to drop the sirname of my first born son and simply name him Zoltar, but I’m pretty sure finding a wife to go along with that is pretty much impossible. Since then, the name Campton has been growing on me more and more. Finding a middle name to go with it, now that’s difficult.

Mrs. RickJay and I already have our kids’ names picked. so without further ado:


  1. Richard (Sort of a family thing; I’m the 5th Richard in a row, at least)
  2. Christopher
  3. Alexander
  4. Nicholas


  1. Madeleine
  2. Audrey
  3. Catherine
  4. Nicole

We aren’t planning to have 8 kids, but we may have 3 or 4 so you have to be prepared. (So we won’t have a boy named Nicholas and a girl named Nicole.)

I’m partial to names that aren’t too common but that won’t become dated, such as the worst girls’ name of all time, “Madison.” (Do not name your kid after a joke from a Ron Howard movie.)

No offense to anyone’s picks, but I don’t think trendy names, words borrowed from other parts of speech, or weird misspellings of names are well-thought-out choices. I also would take caution about going for whatever the latest ethnic trend is; there’s an absolute craze here right now for Irish names, which individually are often quite nice, but with the sheer volume of them and the fact that parents are one-upping each other on the Irishness of the names, in about eight years every elementary school class is going to have fourteen kids with names like “Hleaghrion,” pronounced “Jim-Bob.” Still, if it’s a nice name, it doesn’t matter what ethnic background it’s from.

Oh, and Christ Jesus, do not give your kids theme names. Roger Clemens named his kids Koby, Kory, Kary, and Katy or something like that. People who do that deserve to have their kids abandon them in abusive nursing homes.

I am also partial to “Heather” but Mrs. RickJay doesn’t like it.

My favourite names right now are Hazel and Alexander, which could be shortened to Zelly and Xander. I like them because it give the kid the option of going by a normal, mainstream name, or by something more unique.

For girls:


For boys:


The hypothetical baby Nightingale will be named Katherine (Kate) if it’s a girl. If it’s a boy we haven’t really discussed it, other than the middle name will be George (Family name on the hubby’s side).

I forgot one:
Kai for a boy. Euphonious, easy to spell.

Based on about 3200 births at a local hospital in 2001
All names include the usual spelling/form variations, ie Megan, Meghan, Meganne, Meagan, Meaghan are all under Megan.

Percentage Name
3.0 Katherine
2.5 Sarah
2.2 Olivia
2.1 Emily
2.1 Grace
1.9 Julia
1.7 Megan
1.6 Elizabeth
1.6 Emma
1.6 Abbey
1.6 Caitlin
1.6 Lauren
1.5 Samantha
1.3 Caroline
1.2 Isabella
1.2 Hailey
1.1 Alexandra
1.0 Ashley
1.0 Nicholle
.9 Hanna
.9 Anna
.9 Margaret
.9 Syndney
.8 Allison
.8 Jennifer
.7 Erin
.7 Gabrielle
.7 Mackenzie
.7 Rachel
.7 Sophia
.6 Amanda
.6 Lily
.6 Madison
.6 Molly
.6 Taylor
.6 Chloe
.6 Madeline
.5 Alexa
.5 Audrey
.5 Briana
.5 Brooke
.5 Jessica
.5 Jillian
.5 Jordan
.5 Kayla
.5 Lindsay
.5 Mary
.5 Victoria

3.7 Matthew
3.1 Jonathan
2.7 Andrew
2.5 Benjamin
2.4 William
2.4 Ryan
2.3 Micheal
2.2 Nicholas
2.1 Joseph
1.8 Daniel
1.7 Thomas
1.6 James
1.6 Jacob
1.5 Patrick
1.4 Alex
1.3 Luke
1.3 Connor
1.3 Jack/ Jackson
1.2 Anthony
1.2 Samuel
1.2 Zachary
1.2 David
1.2 Kyle
1.2 Max
1.2 Sean
1.1 Stephen
1.1 Tyler
1.0 Aidan
1.0 Kevin
1.0 Cameron
.9 Robert
.9 Brendan
.9 Joshua
.9 Mark
.9 Nathan
.9 Noah

I know Irish names are a huge craze right now, but I am part Irish, so I’m allowed, right? I also like the name Hazel (it was my grandmothers name, actually) and the boys names Callum, Malcolm (grandfather’s name) and Liam. I used to like the name Ian (well, I still like the name) but I know two Ians and dislike them both very much, so for the time being it’s not at the top of my list.

My favorites have always been:

Girl: Julie Anna or Julianna
Cassandra (Cassie or Sandy)
Boy: Jack