Favorite Party Games???

My 15 year old son is having a birthday party. Any suggestions on games - both indoor or outdoor?

Does anyone play croquet, yard darts, horseshoes, or bocce?

Kan Jam is a favorite around here - although I suggest making your own set.

My initial suggestion based on the title was going to be Cards Against Humanity, but you may not want to condone 15-year-olds playing that game. Your parenting call.

For outdoor games, my friends and I played a whole bunch of bocce when I was in high school, but that may not have been common. Bags (cornhole, if you will), is always a favorite.

“Find the Liquor” is a perennial favorite. You set the degree of difficulty.

Kubb is a Scandinavian classic, although you might have trouble finding a game set.

Mafia is a good indoor game that doesn’t need much equipment. If you have more than 10 people, add another Mafia to the setup.

I’ve been a supporter of Cards Against Humanity from its inception. Maybe too edgy for that age,but keep it in mind for next year or so. Or for yourself.

“Seven Minutes In Heaven” is a popular indoor party game for 15 year olds.

Telestrations is a fun indoor game with a large enough group. We play it at every family gathering.

My friends and I often play Celebrity. We use the alternative play rules with 3 rounds where the first round is normal, the second is one word and the third is an action.

Tell everyone to attend in a one piece swimsuit, then break out the cards for strip poker.

OK, seconding Mafia.

Five out of six people recommend Russian Roulette.

Hmmmm… interesting suggestions. Anyone for badminton, crochet, or horse shoes?

I can’t imagine a typical 15 year old boy enjoying a party where old-timey lawn games are played. Why not let him pick a restaurant he likes and reserve a room/space there for him and his friends. Of course you and mom are not invited.

Personally, I don’t think crochet would go over well - croquet on the other hand… :wink:

In all seriousness, I’m thinking back to my son’s and nephew’s birthday parties when they were around that age - for a party at home, horse shoes they were into, volleyball, badminton not so much, but bags were really big. They liked lawn darts too. What they liked the most was a party at a bowling alley - but if that isn’t doable, those were the games they played if the party was outdoors.

What does “bags were really big” mean?

I figured I really didn’t parse that real well. :smiley:

We just don’t call it “Cornhole” round these parts. We call it “bags” and the teenagers play it a lot.

The sandbag games are good around here, too. Also, at that age I’d say just have a selection of outdoor things and they’ll invent their own dumb ways to use them. Frisbees, badminton stuff, horseshoes, fifteen year old boys can come up with all sorts of twisted and dangerous ways to dare one another and hurt themselves with. I’d stay away from lawn darts for obvious reasons.

Gotta have a keg to play lawn darts.

Well they dont sell the old style lawn darts with the points anymore.

We had the party and the kids had a great time playing badminton.