Favorite pubs/grills/restaurants for buffalo wings in Chicago ...

Yeah yeah, I go to Buffalo Wild Wings all the time and it’s great, but I’m looking for real suggestions on lesser known spots around Chicago. :smiley:

Where are your favorite places to go for wings in our wonderful city? When and where are the best/cheapest wing nights? What do you like to drink with your favorite wings?

(Thought about putting this in IMHO but since it’s about food I thought it belonged here)

Buffalo Joe’s in Evanston used to be my go-to spot in Chicagoland. It’s still decent (better than BW3, in my opinion, but I don’t much like BW3), but not as consistent as it used to be. When the wings are on and big, they’re my favorite wings in the world. But when they get a scrawny batch, not so much. I like BJ’s wings better than the original Anchor Bar or Duff’s wings in Buffalo. While I like suicide wings, I don’t order them at BJ’s, as their suicide is basically spicy Buffalo wings with pickled jalapeno peppers. It just doesn’t work for me.

Wings Around The World, a takeout only place on 321 E. 31st Street, has a bunch of different wings, including Buffalo, available both fried or grilled. They are definitely worth checking out.

Twisted Spoke, 501 N. Ogden, also has worthwhile wings, and it’s a proper bar.

I guarantee you that 99% of Chicagoans have never heard of **The Levee ** at Fullerton and Pulaski, but Warren the owner serves the most awesome wings I’ve ever had.

I don’t have a suggestion for great wings right now but I want to take this chance to reminisce about my favorite long lost wing night.

Long time Chicagoans in their late 20s-early 30s all will probably remember this place. Brother Jimmy’s was an institution in Lincoln Park for years. They had very good wing, no doubt, but it wasn’t the wings quality that made it special. It was the event. Every Wednesday they’d run a 10¢ wing night and a $5 pitcher special. The bar was essentially a giant loft with a vaulted ceiling and the interior was loaded with simple wood picnic tables. Every Wednesday there was a standing appointment for every recent college grad to shop up promptly after work to get their drink on. The place didn’t take reservations and it was standing room only by 6PM every week. On any given week you’d bump into a half dozen people you hadn’t seen for months and everyone would settle in and eat wings by the handful and drink beer by the bucket. Overall a fabulously indulgent time. I miss it.

Anyways, all wing nights will be a sad reminder and disappointment compared to that.


But you’ve got to be willing to go to the burbs.

I second Buffalo Joe’s in Evanston. Stay away from the Howard Ave location, it’s sketchy and not nearly as good. The one more downtown is way better.

I also really like the wings at **McGee’s **(Webster & Sheffield, near DePaul). They have a 10-cent wing special on Tuesday nights too.