Favorite Secluded Movies On An Island/Water?

A ton of Bergman movies. “Persona” is probably the best movie out of the bunch.

Last Day of Summer (1958) – considered an “experimental auteur” flick, but don’t let that scare you. It’s about a man who meets a woman, and there’s no one else in the movie (which I like, too)… It’s in Polish, but there isn’t THAT much dialogue and it can be appreciated without subtitles, although I was lucky and found this somewhere online by accident. I tried searching, couldn’t find it, but if I do, I’ll post it. I think there’s a 5-minute clip on YouTube.

“Hell in the Pacific” is a really cool movie with only two characters (Toshiro Mifune, Lee Marvin), but its a lot of jungle.

Unfortunately if you google this, you’ll see nothing but stranded movies… If I think of more, I’ll reply.

The Most Dangerous Game takes place on Ship-Trap Island.

Das Boot (except for the bookends), the most claustrophobic film I’ve ever watched.

Summer Lovers, in which various Greek Islands played second banana to scenic teenagers.

Although I’m posting it more for giggles than anything else, I did enjoy and was slightly moved by the extended sequence which features our main characters stuck together at sea and our male lead make some simple realizations about himself.

I speak of course, of …

And Then There Were None. Ten people are invited to a secluded island for a weekend by someone named U. N. Owen. They are then murdered, one by one.

There’s the 1974 Italian film Swept Away (that got a horrible remake with Madonna in 2002); a rich woman and a poor sailor get shipwrecked on an island.

By the way, what is the difference between a secluded island movie and a stranded island movie?


I wanted secluded because stranded means they are stuck, and not by choice. Where seclusion could be two lovers who just happened to be there. No danger, living the same type of life they would anywhere else, only they are surrounded by water, nature, etc… Like many Bergman movies, which were in Faro Island because Ingmar lived there. It’s quite stunning cinematography, and for me, seems to throw me into the movie, as a close observer, as opposed to a lot of movement all over the world and in different types of settings.

Father Goose

Cary Grant, Leslie Caron, 1964

Well, if we’re going from "Bairrrrgmon’ films to screwball comedies, I guess anything’s fair game…

The Harder They Come.


Various versions of The Tempest.

Many Tarzan films.

The Narrow Corner (1933)

Fleeing a crime scene, Doug Fairbanks, Jr. takes it on the lam to a remote island where he finds “friendship” with dumb Dane Ralph Bellamy and romance with Bellamy’s fiancée.

Strange Cargo (1940)

Escaped Devil’s Island prisoners find enlightenment as they die off one-by-one making their way through a merciless jungle and unforgiving sea to freedom.

Death in the Garden (1956)

Much of the film has the central characters making their way (for various reasons) through a thick and seemingly endless South American jungle. One of Luis Buñuel’s best and least heralded films.

Island of Lost Women (1959)

Radio commentator and pilot crash-land on island only to find reclusive nuclear scientist Alan Napier (a.k.a. Alfred the butler from the Batman TV series) living an idyllic existence with his three nubile daughters.

The Young One (1960)

Set on an isolated game preserve, scumbag Zachary Scott abuses the teenage granddaughter of his deceased co-worker and deals with jazz musician Bernie Hamilton who’s been falsely accused of rape. Another little-seen and underappreciated Buñuel film.

Boom! (1968)

Super rich Liz Taylor lives in a mansion on a secluded island with servants and bodyguard (dwarf Michael Dunn). Noel Coward shows up for quips and dinner before wandering stud-poet Richard Burton does his Angel of Death routine. Awesomely awful with fantastic costumes, jewelry and cinematography.

Age of Consent (1969)

Gruff artist James Mason moves to a remote island on the Great Barrier Reef and paints 24 year old Helen Mirren in the nude while pretty much nothing else of interest happens.

Foxtrot, a.k.a. The Far Side of Paradise (1976)

A Romanian count (Peter O’Toole) and his wife (Charlotte Rampling) escape WWII by moving to a remote tropical island. Some of their detestable friends show up, the hired help proves unreliable and things do not go well for anyone in slow, generally unrewarding film.

Castaway (1986)

Oliver Reed spends a year on an uninhabited island with Amanda Donohoe.

Dead Calm (1989)

Grieving couple isolate themselves on a sailing trip that is interrupted by a psycho.

What’s that Tom Hanks movie with the soccer ball?

Kagemusha. Hey, Japan is an island! :wink:

Cast Away. And it was a volley ball.

(first rule in physical ed: NEVER kick a volley ball with your foot.)

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison – John Huston film with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr as a Marine and a Nun marooned on an island in WWII.

He wasn’t stranded.
But he was secluded and alone: Richard Proenneke lived alone in Alaska for 30years. He documented it on film.

I was going to suggest this one. One of my all time favorite films was already mentioned in the OP: Hell In The Pacific.

Do you know any other great movies with only two characters?

Six Days Seven Nights.

Sorry this is a stranded movie.